The elevated Audi A1 has a new name

Less than three years ago, the smallest audi turned out to be a crossover with a casing and increased ground clearance. The A1 citycarver is reminiscent of the larger allroad models, which will now be approached with the new A1 allstreet.

The brand with four circles in the character did not provide details about what led it to change its name.

The A1-coated plastic has not undergone any other changes, it still differs in the radiator grille, body plastic coating or interior details.

The Audi A1 allstreet will be available in Europe exclusively with petrol engines, with a choice between a three-cylinder supercharged engine and a four-cylinder fifteen-cylinder engine.

The basic model called “25 TFSI” must suffice with only 95 to 175 Nm. This is followed by the “30 TFSI” with the same three-cylinder engine, but 110 hp and 200 Nm of torque. Finally, there is fifteen “35 TFSI” with 150 horsepower and 250 Nm.

All three power units are connected to a manual transmission as standard, but two more powerful units can be selected with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

According to a European press release, prices should not change, the A1 citycarver is currently available in the Czech Republic from 631,900 crowns.

As previously announced, Audi, like the Q2 crossover, will not be given a successor. Stricter emissions regulations force Audi to stop developing the smallest cars.

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Take a look at the current offer of new and used cars Audi A1 and