The emergencies of the Dreux hospital with restricted access due to staff sick leave

“Inadmissible”, “An underdeveloped country”, “Total support for exhausted nurses”: reactions are numerous on social networks after the announcement this weekend of the partial closure of the emergency department of the hospital of Dreux (Eure-et-Loir). Between Friday evening and the start of the week, more than 90% of the nursing staff took sick leave and were on leave in this department, which includes around 60 hospital officials, including around 30 nurses.

Result: Sunday, management had to restrict access to “adult emergencies until further notice”. Only vital and functional emergencies that cannot be postponed are taken care of, such as fractures, said the hospital in essence, which will provide a new update on the situation this Wednesday, according to the communication department.

Extended hours, absentees not replaced, longer treatment times for patients: the situation is becoming tense in this emergency department of the Dreux hospital (Eure-et-Loir), as elsewhere in France. In this sub-prefecture at the gates of the Paris region, emergencies received around 35,000 cases annually ten years ago. Today, it is 55,000 admissions per year. “While the means have changed little,” said Thierry Bucquet, secretary of the CGT at the hospital.

At the call of the majority union, and following the assault of an agent assaulted by a person accompanying a patient, the staff went on strike at the end of April to demand recruitment: a coordinating manager, six nurses , a stretcher-bearer, ASH (hospital service agents)… “The management turns a deaf ear”, deplores Thierry Bucquet, who has made a report for serious and imminent danger. This alert triggers the organization of a Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT) scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. “The management must hear its staff,” insists the union representative.

Patients are referred to city doctors, or to Chartres hospital, where the dispute is also rising. A demonstration is planned at Chartres hospital on May 31, also to ask for more resources.