The Emirati “Education” stock rose 2% with the beginning of its second session on the Dubai Stock Exchange

Malik Salameh – Mubasher: The share of “Taleem Holding” rose during the start of its second trading today, Wednesday, on the Dubai Stock Exchange.

And by 10:57 am Emirates time, the share of “Taleem Holding” rose by about 2 percent, to a price of 2.6 dirhams.

The newly listed stock on the Dubai financial market recorded a trading volume of about 2.031 million shares at that hour of today’s trading, with a value of 5.319 million dirhams.

The Dubai Stock Exchange witnessed the listing and trading of the shares of the “Taleem Holding” group, with the symbol “Tadawul”.TAALEEM“identification number”AEE01136T220

It is noteworthy that the subscription to the shares of the group, starting on November 10, 2022, by offering 25% of its capital, equivalent to 250 million shares of its shares, by increasing its capital.

The offered shares were divided into three tranches, the first for individuals, for which 10% of the offered shares were allocated, compared to 88% for professional investors, and 2% for qualified employees and parents.

The final offer price of the share was set at 3 dirhams per share, i.e. at the upper end of the price range, bringing the market value of the Education Holding Group upon listing to about 3 billion dirhams.

It is noteworthy that the share of “Taleem Holding” declined at the end of the first trading sessions on the Dubai Stock Exchange, which was listed with the symbol “Tadawul”.TAALEEM“identification number”AEE01136T220“.

The share of “Taleem Holding” decreased by about 15 percent, to a price of 2.55 dirhams.

It recorded a trading volume of about 31.378 million shares, at a value of 86.895 million dirhams.

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