The emoji of mate is closer to being a reality. Even some users can start using it right now, if they install the trial version of the latest Windows 10 update, 18277.

The company announced the modifications received by the operating system with this new update, which includes the option to turn off notifications when we are watching a movie or studying, or a bar to manage the brightness. Could not care less.

The platform revealed its designs for version 12 of the emoji, which can now be used in the emoticon panel and also with a touch keyboard. Although they can change the drawings, and the final options depend on the final version that Unicode will announce in 2019.

In addition to the mate, in this new batch of emoji there are other interesting ones such as wheelchairs, yawning face, cane for the blind and guide dogs and even a snorkel. Nothing matters as long as we have something to synthesize the drink par excellence of the Argentines, the Uruguayans and Antoine Griezmann, the crack of the French national team.

The last incorporation of emojis occurred in June of this year, with very useful things like kangaroos and skinned heads. When would mate officially arrive? We hope it will be confirmed in January 2019 to be launched in March. We crossed our fingers while we took some bitter.


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