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The Emotional Moment Chuckle Brother Paul wipes away tears at Brother Barry's funeral

An emotional Paul Chuckle fought tears today as he helped calm down his comedy partner Barry. Barry – real name Barry Elliot – died on August 5 after a secret, year-long battle against bone cancer at the age of 73. He formed with his brother Paul the "Chuckle Brothers" – a comedy duo that generations of enthusiastic and delighted children and adults. Barry's private funeral took place today at just before 1pm at his New York stadium in Rotherham United. Mourners were invited to attend a celebration of Barry's life, and hundreds of fans seized the opportunity and flooded the streets around the floor. The hearse carrying his coffin arrived in front of the main entrance to the stadium – where the entertainer watched his favorite team – to the sound of fans chanting his famous slogan "me to you," the mirror reports.

Paul Chuckle carries his brother Barry Chuckle's coffin during his memorial service at the New York Stadium on August 17, 2018 in Rotherham, England.
(Image: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
His brother and showbiz partner Paul Elliott wiped away tears as he carried the casket alongside three other men to the compound. It is assumed that Barry was carried in through the entrance of the players. Among the participants in the private ceremony were the comedian Roy Chubby Brown, the legendary Leeds United player Eddie Gray and the former manager of Rotherham United, Ronnie Moore. John Altman, known for the villain Nick Cotton in Eastenders, and Loose Women star Linda Nolan, also attended the event. Tommy Cannon, comedy duo Cannon and Ball, also came together to pay tribute to New York's Rotherham Stadium and children's television host Don Maclean. Continue reading
Don Maclean, who appeared on the Crackerjack children's show, said he met Barry and Paul in 1977 for the first time in Panto, Nottingham. Fans of the deceased entertainer also came from all over the country to pay their respects. Cathy and her son Sam, 15, left Oldham, Lancs, this morning to be outside the service.

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The couple watched the Chuckle Brothers in the theater and Cathy has them as screensavers for their cell phones. She said, "I'm telling her," To me, to you, buzzword all the time. "I work in a school and I say to the children when we move things" To me, to you, to me to you. "" Barbra Garston, 86, said she had come to the stadium to help Barry's brother Paul support. She said, "I would also like to see him go because he's so big for Rotherham and everywhere because he makes people happy." I have three generations who grew up with them. One by one, they watched everyone. So I was involved anyway, whether I wanted to see her or not. "

Barry Chuckle, right, died. He is pictured on the left with Brother Paul
Mrs. Garston made a sign which was to be brought to the stadium which read: "To a Yorkshire boy from a Yorkshire girl, goodbye to me to you." A young mega chap of the Chuckle Brothers traveled all the way from Birmingham to Barry Chuckle. Alfie, 10, said, "I first saw her in the Pantomime in Wolverhampton two years ago and I just became a megafan of them." I love their episodes and every morning I watch their episodes of Chucklevision and it has never grown old. "Everyone loves them, they have a really good comedy, they are funny and they made people laugh." Barry became famous alongside his younger brother on the BBC ChuckleVision, which ran from 1987 to 2009. Read more
And in an emotional tribute, Paul, 70, said he was "totally devastated" by the death of his "brother, partner, and best buddy." Barry was a lifelong supporter of Rotherham United and even became Honorary Vice President of The Club in 2007. And on July 11, there were emotional scenes on the floor as both home and away fans in the 73rd minute "joined me, too They ", Barry's age at the time of his death and when Michael Smith scored the only goal of the game in the 90th minute for the Millers, Paul blew a kiss in the sky for his brother.

Comedian Roy Chubby Brown arrives at the funeral of Barry Chuckle at New York Stadium
(Image: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
The funeral arrangements were announced by the family in a statement that also said it was a celebration of Barry's amazing life. They said, "As a family, we would welcome fans to celebrate their lives and respect us outside the New York stadium. Read more
"There is an event for invited family members and close friends who are respectfully private and just invited." "We are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received over the last few days and we thank everyone involved!"


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