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The emotional story of a woman in Oklahoma – Prensa Libre

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Sarah documented the entire process of this incredible story on her Instagram profile. (Free Press Photo: @ sarahrshellenberger / Instagram)

The incredible story of a woman who gave birth to her late husband’s baby has shocked social media users.

Sarah Shellenberger, 40, brought her son into the world after her husband, Scott, tragically passed away 14 months before giving birth.

The Oklahoma couple married in 2018 and after several months of trying to conceive a baby, they considered going to a fertilization clinic to carry out this process.

With the intention of having their first child, both went to a clinic in Barbados to begin the process of in vitro fertilization.

Despite this, Scott, who was a professor at the University of Oklahoma, passed away from cardiac arrest in February 2020 while teaching a science class.

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After a few months, and after Scott’s tragic death, the fertilization clinic informed Sarah that the results of the process were positive and, as a result, two embryos were produced in perfect condition.

Faced with this unique opportunity, Sarah decided to get pregnant by one of the embryos and continue the process that her late husband had planned together.

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“In our eyes, we have these two embryos that are already created and they are our children. For me, there was no other option. They are our children. I had to try to get pregnant and bring our children into this world, Sarah told The Mirror.

Finally, Sarah and Scott had their first child: Hayne. The baby’s name was agreed upon from the beginning of the in vitro fertilization process and is a way to keep her husband’s memory intact.

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Also, the child’s mother related the process of her pregnancy on her Instagram profile and announced that she intends to get pregnant with the second embryo.

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