The emotional video of Mateo Carvajal celebrating Father’s Day with his son

This Sunday, June 26, Father’s Day is celebrated in Colombia and many celebrities take advantage of their social networks to publish how they spend this day with their children. Thats why he influencer Mateo Carvajal took advantage of the occasion to have an emotional moment with his son Salvador.

Carvajal was very sensitive and also creative to enjoy Father’s Day. The athlete published a video in which he is with his girlfriend playing with the little one.

They did not have to go to an amusement park, because in his own house Carvajal managed to simulate a roller coaster and amuse his son. “Happy fathers day. We know that we live for them ”, was the message that she published next to the video on his Instagram account, which has about 4.3 million followers.

With glasses and a hat simulating a helmet, Mateo created the illusion for his son of being in an exciting mechanical attraction. “Good luck. That captain”, Mateo told Salvador before beginning the adventure.

Little Salvador enjoyed the adventure with Mateo in the celebration of Father’s Day, in a video that already has more than 108,000 likes and a little more than 1700 comments.

Precisely, many wrote to Mateo Carvajal’s account to congratulate him on that emotional moment he lived with his son.

“I want to be Salva for 5 minutes, how cool”, “how he dramatizes it and everything ahahaha”, Hahahahaha I love watching these videos with Salvador”, “the sweetest thing I have ever seen”, “you are a spectacular dad” and “Mateo you are the best dad”, were some of the messages they wrote to the influencer on the Instagram account.

It should be remembered that Mateo Carvajal had his son Salvador with the model and presenter Melina Ramírez, but now he is in a romantic relationship with Stephanie Ruíz.

Origin of Father’s Day

There are several stories that recount the emergence of it, but the most respected and well-known dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, in Washington, United States, where a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd decided to recognize her father’s effort and dedication.

Thus, in 1909, Smart Dodd, with the purpose of paying homage to his father and after hearing a sermon by the reverend of the Central United Methodist Church of Spokane on Mother’s Day, was inspired and thought that both his father and all fathers in the country should also have a day to honor them and highlight their important role in the family.

For this reason, the following year, Sonora presented a petition to the Spokane Ministerial Alliance where she suggested that the parents be recognized during the religious services on June 5, the birthday of her father Henry Smart, a war veteran who, when his father died, wife in the birth of her sixth child, she had to feed, change diapers, correct, lift and provide love and protection to her half dozen children.

The woman’s request was accepted, but since there was not much time to prepare the sermons for the proposed day, it was decided that the celebration would take place on June 19, 1910, that is, the third Sunday of June of that year.

In this way, June 19, 1910 is recognized as the first official Father’s Day in the United States.

Then, in 1924, the president of the United States at the time, Calvin Coolidge, supported the idea and Father’s Day became a national celebration. Despite this, it was only until 1966, when the then US President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation that declared the third Sunday in June as the official date to celebrate Father’s Day, a tribute to which most countries of the American continent joined. .