Lawyers for the family of George Floyd presented a report of the autopsy, the preliminary findings of the authorities contradicts the police a heavy burden. Independent medical examiner had come to the realization that Floyd was suffocated to death in the brutal police action on Monday of last week in Minneapolis, said attorney Ben Crump on Monday. The of the lawyers with Floyd’s autopsy, entrusted pathologist Michael Baden said: “The autopsy has shown that there is no Pre-existing condition gave that led to his death or contributed to it.”

The official coroner had made on the basis of preliminary findings, pre-existing conditions for Floyd’s death is partly responsible. He believed that the 46-Year-old choked to death. In the case of the Police use had a pressed four officials involved in the Floyd almost nine minutes in length and can be knee in the back of the neck. Ask all of the African-American, to let him breathe, he ignored.

The four police officers were dismissed. The white Ex-policeman who pressed Floyd his knee in the back of the neck, is charged with murder and is in custody. Baden said it was a wrong assumption of the police that you cannot speak without breathing. In the communication from the attorneys, it was said, two of the operation involved police officers to have Floyd’s Death contributed by they had exercised pressure on the back. The fourth Party was also liable because he had not intervened.

Attorney Crump said: “George died, because he needed air to Breathe.” He called for the protests because of Floyd’s death continue to spread over the whole country. The lawyer, however, urged at the same time, the renunciation of violence in the demonstrations, many of which are turned into rioting and looting out.

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