The end of sex? Female mice have babies with NO DADS in shock cloning experiment


SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH: The world could be closer to "no dad" babies
The rules of reproduction were broken in a feat of cloning by researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Normally you need a sperm and an egg in mice and humans to get new offspring. But two mother mice had a healthy litter, which surprisingly went on to have their own puppies, of course. When the researchers tried a similar experiment with male mice, the offspring died within days from birth. Related articles

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BENDING NATURE: The cloning experiment will raise questions is possible
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"This research shows us what's possible"

Dr. Wei Li

This is probably due to the fact that DNA needed to be more optimized in the male-male experiment and the researchers had to create an empty egg cell by erasing all their genetic information. The female-female experiment benefited from being able to use a normal egg cell, mother Wei, and then slightly modified DNA from the other. Dr. Wei Li, who conducted the experiments, said, "This research shows us what is possible." We have seen that the defects in bimaternal mice can be eliminated and that mammalian reproductive barriers may also be crossed. "GETTY STOCK

NO SPERM REQUIRED: What does this new technology mean for the future of humanity?
But a world where men are not longed for in reproduction raises ethical concerns. And before such experiments are considered at humans, the welfare of the descendants created by cloning must be almost guaranteed. Lovell-Badge told the BBC: "Even with two mothers, I'm not convinced that they are normal and the success rate is pretty low." It's not something I'd hope anyone would think about. "The research was published in Cell Stem Cell
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