The end of the Black Candle? The Laundry Room 2.0 is gone due to a bad rating

With a heavyweight roster, the program that RCN strongly bet on is off the air. They couldn’t with La Red de Caracol TV

The program with which RCN wanted to take viewers away from La Red, the star gossip program on Colombian television, which airs on weekend afternoons, did not last two months.

El Lavadero 2.0, led by Graciela Torres, better known as ‘la Negra Candela’, will come to an end due to a bad rating. This was confirmed by Negra Candela herself on her Instagram account.

The journalist specializing in show business acknowledged that her program was not successful and took the opportunity to thank the channel for the opportunity provided.

This weekend the last chapter of El Lavadero 2.0 will be seen, a program to which the RCN channel bet with all the strength for what they hired, in addition to the renowned Negra Candela Jaime Alfonso Parra, Elver Castro Monsalve, Freddy Beltrán, Diego Mateus, Paula Estrada, Camila Durán, Katherine Castrillón, Fernando Arévalo and Robinson Posada.