the end of the Jean-Marc Généreux program announced by Alexandra Redde-Amiel in We redo the TV on RTL (VIDEO)

Guest on the set ofWe redo the TVthe entertainment director of France Télévisions, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, has confirmed the rumor that has been circulating that Spectacularthe emission of Jean-Marc Généreux, was going to stop.

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Since last fall, Jean-Marc Généreux has been at the helm of a new entertainment show, Spectacular. The idea was to shed light on artists from all over the world. Presented by the former juror of Dance with the stars, the program offered to discover the best current live performance numbers, from magic to aerial numbers, including acrobatic dance and music hall. But, barely launched, it already divided Internet users. Among those who rejected the concept, some regretted The Biggest Cabaret in the World. “I just came across Spectacular on France 2. […] I was watching from time to time The Biggest Cabaret in the World with my mother, even though I was not a fan of Patrick Sebastianthe show was enough in itself and it was not totally unpleasant, but there, help! could we read, for example.

end of Spectacular on France 2: “It did not meet its audience”

The audiences weren’t there. Alexandra Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment at France Télévisions was invited to the program We redo the TVthe media program presented by Éric Dussart and Jade, which attracts 1.4 million listeners on RTL. She confirmed the rumor that said that Spectacular was going to stop. “Cis finished, she decided. It doesn’thas not met its audience.” Cold shower for Jean-Marc Genereux.

Spectacular, a creation “which works less well”

On France Télévisions, we try to dare, to propose, to innovate, there are things that work, others that work less well, she explained. We have very nice people it always hurts to stop a showespecially since we have producers and animators who invest a lot in our creations, and there it is a creation”. But perhaps Jean-Marc Généreux still has a future at France Télévisions. “He’s a wonderful person, it was a really nice meeting, and we will do great things together, later.”

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