Peter Mayle, who died on Thursday, was knighted by the Legion of Honor in 2002 for his contribution to French culture.
He was particularly known for his bestseller “A year in Provence”, published in 1989. The English writer Peter Mayle died, Thursday, January 19, at the age of 78 years. The announcement was made by the American publisher Alfred A. Knopf on his Twitter account :
“We regret to you make part of the death of Peter Mayle , beloved author of several literary successes on life in Provence. He died in a hospital near his home in the south of la France . ”
After to have worked in advertising, Mr. Mayle had settled in the south of France in 1987. He will tell about his move from England to France in “A year in Provence”, which has been sold to more than six million copies in the world .
Knight of the Legion of Honor
In an interview given Guardian in 2010 , the English writer explained his love for the south of France:
“I found myself completely distracted – much more concerned with the curiosities of life in Provence than with the job of my novel. The daily dose of education I received from the plumber, the farmer next door, the mushroom hunter and the frustrated donkey lady was infinitely more fascinating than anything I could invent . ”
Also author of “A Happy New Year”, Peter Mayle was knighted the Legion of Honor in 2002 for his contribution to the culture French.

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