The epidemic is spreading in Syria.. Damascus and Lattakia are overflowing with infected people

It seems that hospitals in the Syrian capital, Damascus, as well as Lattakia, are beginning to overflow with people infected with the Corona virus, which raises many fears in a country that has not yet emerged from bitter years of war.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that hospitals have reached their maximum capacity due to the increase in injuries that require urgent medical care.

According to the Associated Press, medical teams have begun transferring “patients infected with the Corona epidemic from Damascus Governorate and its countryside to Homs Governorate and from Lattakia to Tartous.”

An unprecedented outbreak

It is noteworthy that Syria has recently witnessed an unprecedented outbreak of the virus. And yesterday, Sunday, 400 additional injuries were recorded in the areas under the control of the regime, in the highest daily toll since the beginning of the pandemic in the country, which has so far recorded more than 32,580 injuries, including 2,198 deaths in regime-controlled areas.

Hospitals in Damascus (AFP)

Note that this number is much lower than what is known or announced, especially since in many areas in the north of the country, the epidemiological situation is still unclear.

Since mid-August, the country has witnessed an acceleration in the rate of casualties, especially in the northwest and northeast, where large areas of land are still under the control of opposition factions, and lack qualified medical centers and hospitals after 10 years of war.

This comes, while the country is recording a decline in receiving the vaccine, as, according to the World Health Organization, the percentage of those who received at least one dose of the Corona vaccine is limited to only two percent.

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