The era of the dominance of the United States and Russia is over, Putin: China and Germany are the new world powers-Cross-Strait-China Times

Russian President Putin predicted at a meeting held by a think tank that the era when the United States and Russia dominated the world situation is over, and that China and Germany will gradually become new world powers in the future. Putin said that he does not rule out the possibility of establishing a military alliance with mainland China in the future.

According to a report by Deutsche Welle, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at a video conference held by a think tank in Moscow on October 22 that the time for the United States and Russia to determine the most important issues in the world has passed. He clearly pointed out that China The mainland and Germany are becoming new world powers.

Putin pointed out in his speech that the influence of the United States, Britain, and France in the world is declining, while the economic and political power of China and Germany continues to grow. He said that if the United States is still not ready to discuss important world issues with Russia, Russia is willing to start discussions with other countries.

Putin pointedly pointed out that the United States can no longer use “American exceptionalism” to solve problems, and he questioned this American practice. With the countdown to the US election, Putin said he hopes that the new US government will agree to talks with Russia on issues such as security and control of nuclear weapons.

The report said that the US government rejected Russia’s proposal to extend the New START for a year, saying that the proposal had no hope of success. The United States and Russia signed the “New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” in 2010, which will expire in February 2021. This treaty limits the number of nuclear warheads Russia and the United States can deploy, as well as the vehicles used to launch nuclear warheads.

Putin also said that although China and Russia currently have no need to establish a military alliance, the possibility of establishing a military alliance with China will not be ruled out in the future.

Russia and China have always been known as “strategic partners,” but they did not discuss the possibility of establishing a military alliance. Putin also said that Russia has shared confidential military technology with mainland China, hoping to use this to boost the mainland’s military potential. As the relevant information is confidential, it is impossible to provide more details.

Article source: The era of U.S. and Russia dominance has passed Putin: China and Germany become a new world power

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