The EU is planning a joint loan of ten billion euros for Ukraine

Another five billion euros, according to Brussels, should be provided to the country devastated by the Russian invasion by the United States, which has already promised this amount.

According to its representatives, Ukraine needs 15 billion euros for the basic operation of the state in the next three months. He intends to cover with them both salaries and pensions, as well as expenses caused by Russian aggression.

The EU already provides financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine from available mutual funds, but according to diplomats, it intends to go to the financial markets for more money.

Last Friday, the commission announced the ambassadors of the member states to the plan, which it wants to officially present next Wednesday.

The EU countries agreed on the first joint loan of 750 billion euros last year due to the pandemic crisis.

The Commission would now like to raise money in a similar way to the funding of the short-term crisis support program known as SURE.

The new ten billion euros should be guaranteed by the Member States.

Although the EU countries are united in supporting Ukraine, diplomats expect a debate on the proposal, as states such as Austria and the Netherlands have long opposed common debt.

Therefore, according to the Brussels-based Politico website, several countries have now asked the European Commission to present other options for supplying Ukraine with money.

The plan should be discussed by the leaders of the member states at an extraordinary summit, which will be devoted to the effects of the Russian invasion at the end of May.