The European Cyclo-Cross Cup will return in 2023 – News

After a smooth start in 2021 (read here), the European Cyclo-Cross Cup does not take place in this 2022-2023 season. However, the president of the European Cycling Union Enrico Della Casa has confirmed that it will return to the calendar next season. “It is even already recognized by the UCI as Class 2”he says to DirectVelo.

There are eight applications, including one from Spain (Pontevedra which will host the 2024 European Cyclo-Cross Championship), France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

As a reminder, the Elites are not concerned by this competition which focuses on the categories of young people (Cadets, Juniors and Espoirs) and the Masters. It will take place between October and December. “In January there are the National Championships, the World Cup rounds with the youth categories and the World Championship. We don’t want young people to have to choose between the European Cup and a round of World Cup”.