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The European elections, live: the CDU of Angela Merkel will win in Germany, according to the first forecasts

The European Union celebrates on Sunday a great election day, with elections in most of the continent. Passes like United Kingdom or Holland already voted on Thursday, but be tonight at dawn when they know the results of what all European citizens have decided at the polls. The day is proceeding with normality throughout Europe and a significant increase in participation is expected which, at this time, has already grown significantly in countries like Spain and France compared to 2014.

In thisinteractive graphicWe show how the European Parliament is currently composed and we offer a chronology of the results of previous elections (2009 and 2004).

These are elections marked by Brexit, the rise of populisms, the extreme right and the end of bipartisanship. More than ever,the votes will determine the future of Brussels todayand of the Member States.

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Second advanceof participation in the European elections in Spain:rises 14.47 points with respect to 2014 and is 48.54%.


Schools in Germany close. The first pronsticos grant the victory of the Union Cristanodemcrata with 28% followed by Los Verdes with 22% and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) with 15.5%.The populist AFD gets 10.5% of the support.


The government party,the conservative DISY, is emerging as the winner of the European elections in Cyprus, although the AKEL communist party follows with a very similar percentage, according to exit polls offered by the state television RIK just close schools, reports Efe. After the count of 75% of the polls, according to the local normative particularity, the DISY party of the president,Nikos Anastasiadis, will have reached between 27% and 30.5% of the votes.


The Austrian conservatives rise and will win the European ones, according to the polls, informs Efe. The Popular Party (VP) will have been, with 34.5% of the votes, the most voted force in the European elections held today in Austria, according to the polls conducted before the election day and published at the close of the schools to the 5.00 local time If this result is confirmed with the official data, the conservatives will achieve seven of the 18 deputies that the country contributes to the European Parliament, thus winning two with respect to the elections to the Eurocmara of 2014.

In second place will be the social democrat SP, with 23.5% and 5 deputies, the same as it already has. The ultranationalists of the FP, until last week government partners of the popular, down to 17.5% and lose one of its four MEPs.


Aitor Hernndez reports from Lisbon: While the participation in the European ones has skyrocketed in France, Poland and Romania, in Portugal we are registering historical abstention levels:At midday the influx has been 11.56% of the Portuguese population.

Alarmed, when the President of the Republic went to vote,Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has taken advantage of the presence of the media to appeal to the citizen: "Do whatever you have to do to vote, understand that if you abstain, you lose all rights to criticize the rulers afterwards".

Although the good weather and the hangover of the final of the Portuguese Cup, which was held last night, could explain the high abstention, is not much higher than that recorded in 2014 when only 12% had voted at midday.66% of the Portuguese citizen abstained in the last European elections.


The leader of the League and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been one of the last to vote. Rejects that the result of the elections will influence the future of the Italian Government – pointsSoraya Melguizo– placed in question by the continuous crossfire between the two partners, League and Five Stars. "In Italy, nothing changes, if the League wins, tomorrow they will stop attacking, insulting and criticizing.I'm interested in winning in Italy to change Europe"he said after depositing his vote this afternoon in Miln.

Matteo Salvini goes to vote in Milan.

Most of the surveys coincide in pointing out thatSalvini to be the great winner of the elections in Italy. The question is whether to overcome 30% and how far from the Five Star Movement, its partners in the Italian Government. In 2014 the League obtained 6.15% and the Five Stars 21.16%.

5:15 PM

The upward trend of participation in France is confirmed:43.29% at 17:00 compared to 35.07% in 2014. Eight more points!


Carlos FresnedaHe points out from London that the Labor Party could also take a correction in the European ones because of the ambiguity of Jeremy Corbyn in the polls. The Liberal-Democrat Party, with its political and forceful message ('Bollocks to Brexit', Fuck with the Brexit) could snatch the second place.

Change UK, the new and temporary political force created by Labor and Conservative dissidents, will be able to converge in the Liberal-Democrat Party after the foreseeable fiasco in the European ones. The fragmentation of the vow of permanence is due to them. "

17: 05H

The head of the PPE list, the GermanManfred Weberhe has cast his vote in Wildenberg, his hometown. Member of the Social-Christian Unity bvar (CSU) andcandidate for the presidency of the European Commission, Weber has gone to his polling station accompanied by his wife, Andrea, and after attending mass,Carmen Valerofrom Berlin.

Manfred Weber votes in Wildenberg. / EFE

"My message to the Spaniards is that please do not vote to the extremes, stay in the center ", said the candidate in this interview with Pablo R. Suanzes in March.


In Hungra, where polls forecast a landslide victory for Europhobe Viktor Orban, we have seenmobile ballot boxes touring the country to facilitate votingto the elderly, the sick or the disabled.

Portable Urn in Nyiregyhaza, Hungra. / EFE


In Germany, the interest that has awakened in this European election is almost four points higher than five years ago. At 14:00 the participation rate was 29.4%, according to official data, Carmen Valero reports. In 2014, the participation rate at that time was 25.6%. Here, radiograph of Germany in the face of the results of these Europeans.


Schools close in Belgium, which today also holds federal and regional elections. The polls of the last few weeks anticipate serious difficulties to form a national government and an important rise of both the Greens, who may even be the first force, and the extreme right of the Vlaams Belang, reportsPablo R. Suanzes.


Several hundred "yellow vests" have participatedin an unauthorized demonstration in the center of Brusselsorganized on the occasion of triple regional, federal and European scrutiny in Belgium, during which they have caused damage to the street furniture, reports Efe.

Belgian police charge against 'yellow vests' in Brussels. / EFE

The police has intervened in the North Station of Brussels to contain the march, convened a few weeks ago through social networks but for which the organizers had not requested authorization.

While a group of protesters has been contained in the North Station by the police, another, consisting of about 250 "yellow vests", went to the center of the city destroying the street furniture in its path. Police have arrested several protesters who had broken into a store near the Grand-Place in Brussels.


Little participation inRomanianFive hours after the opening of the polling stations,only 15% of the 18 million electors summoned had cast their votes.


The head of list of Citizens to the European Parliament,Luis Garicano, has highlighted the importance of voting in the European elections this Sunday. "This is very much at stake, in all the countries of the continent it is voted in a European elections in whichthe pro-European forces have to stop the growth of populism ",He has indicated in statements to the media after exercising his right to vote at the Fernando el Catlico School in Madrid.

14: 47H

In Hungary, polls forecast a landslide victory for Prime Minister Viktor Orban's party, reportsCarmen Valero. who after his suspension of the European Popular Party has made during the campaign guidelines to the far right alliance led by the Italian Matteo Salvini.


In Poland, the rate of participation at this time is 14.39%, double that five years ago, but still so poor that analysts expect the indicator at the end of the day to be that of 2014. Then it was 23.3 %, reportsCarmen Valero.


The participation data provided in the first advance by the Ministry of the Interior of Spainshow a rise of 10.15 points compared to the 2014 elections, standing at 34.55%. The European elections are usually characterized by their low participation rate, however, this year is expected to skyrocket due to the coincidence with the general elections.The following participation data will be at 18:00.


And in Holland? The country was one of those who voted last Thursday to elect its 26 MEPs, and did so among the liberals and the extreme right. The most important Dutch political groups agree that the EU needs to upgrade to survive, but none believe that Holland can do well if it divorces Brussels.

In 2017, Europe held its breath due to the duel between 'premier' Mark Rutte and the populist Geert Wilders. The parties, in general, no longer see danger in the Freedom Party (PVV) of Wilders, who has been losing voters in the last two years in favor of the Forum for Democracy (FVD) ofThierry Baudet, the new populist and popular force of Holland. His leader won the regional elections in March and made his party the largest in the Senate. The fears are that he will do the same in Brussels.

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, votes in The Hague. / EFE

Here, all the information about what could happen in the Netherlands after 26M.


The participation data inFrance indicate a rise of 3.5 points midday compared to 2014, standing at noon at 19.26%.


The European ones are closed in the Italian schools, where the strength of the two populist parties that govern together in the transalpine country is measured: the League of Salvini and the Five Stars of Di Maio. While the League falls in the polls for the first time in a year, the Five Star Movement tries to seduce its leftist electorate and emerges as the only opposition to Salvini, eclipsing the Democratic Party. Allies in Rome, rivals in Brussels, by Soraya Melguizo.

The vice president and interior minister is relaxed and confident on Twitter before the results of a crucial day, has shared an image from the field that has accompanied with a phrase that augurs: "A splendid day."


Back to the United Kingdom and after May's resignation on Friday, the real battle is already the leadership of the Conservative Party.Carlos Fresnedainforms about the novelty of the day:the challenge of Michael Gove to Boris Johnson, in a "remake" of the old pualada of 2016. Gove, with his fame as Machiavellian politician, now offers himself as "the candidate of the unit".

Nigel Farage soaked in smoothie. / REUTERS

The British have set in motion the "rebellion" polemic of the shakes. The objective is to stain dairy candidates with ultra-right candidates. The thing started with the ultrasTommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin, and the dessert was taken by Nigel Farage himself in the closing (with lights) of his campaign.


The first data of the influx in Italy show little change with respect to the 2014 elections.At 12 they had voted about 15.9% of the voters, according to data from the Italian Ministry of the Interior. The early riser has been the president of the Republic,Sergio Mattarellawho has voted this morning in Palermo, informsSoraya Melguizo.


Austria elects its 18 representatives in the European Parliament in the middle of a political scandal. The rupture of the coalition of Government between the Popular Party and the ultranationalists, has led to the convocation for September of the second early elections in the country in less than two years.

The publication a week ago of a video in which the former head of the ultranationalist FP was willing to receive illegal funding for his party in exchange for public contracts to a woman who was posing as a millionaire Russian, exploded the coalition and it has shaken the national policy. Here, all the information to know the scope of the case.


And what is the situation in Eastern Europe? Carmen Valero tells that Romanian have a double date at the polls. The Europeans agree with a question about whether politicians sentenced for corruption crimes can be amnestied.Romania has the highest rate of political corruption in the EU.

The latest polls favor the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL), which is part of the European People's Party and will win around 28% of the votes.


According to the polls, the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, will obtain an overwhelming victory in the European ones. The question is whether the Fidesz will keep their 13 or 14 seats in the European People's Party or confirm their break, moving on to the ultranationalists led by the Italian Matteo Salvini. The polls give the Fidesz up to 52% of the votes, with hardly any changes compared to 2014, which is equivalent to up to 14 of the 21 Hungra's contributions to the Eurocmara.

Viktor Orban issues his vote in Budapest. / EFE

The Orban campaign has insisted on its usual anti-immigration discourse and on its criticisms of the Union and its institutions. According to the Hungarian 'premier', the elections of this Sunday will be decisive in theconfrontation "between the pro-immigrant forces and those who reject immigration".

The European People's Party (PPE) suspended membership in the Fidesz group last March, considering that its policies violate the values ​​of that political family.


The British have already voted on Thursday, one day before the resignation of Theresa May, and only await the results. An unquestionable triumph of Nigel Farage's Brexit Party and a debacle of the Conservative Party, relegated to fourth place, is expected. Labor and Liberal-Democrat compete for second place.

The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage.

The fermentation of pro-permanence parties sweeps in favor of the populist Farage, in his hurricane turn to politics. An information from our correspondent in London,Carlos Fresneda.


In metropolitan France it is voted from 8:00 in the morning with little enthusiasm, the correspondent of EL MUNDO tells from ParsIaki Gil. Five years ago, the participation only reached 42.4%.

The overseas territories in western Europe voted yesterday. Today the others vote. New Caledonia, for example. The closing of ballot boxes is staggered: at 6:00 p.m. in small places, at 7:00 p.m. in others and at 8:00 p.m. in Ile de France (Pars) and large cities.

The French choose 74 MEPs that will be 79 when the United Kingdom leavesdefinitely from the EU.

Macron and his wife vote in Le Touquet. / AFP

With 34 lists in play with single circumscription, the character of these elections has been reinforced as a plebiscite on Emmanuel Macron. The president sought the face-to-face between the Europeans and the Euro-skeptical nationalists (Le Pen and Mlenchon) to concentrate the entire vote of the liberal right to socialism through the Greens, but the challenge has turned against him. In all the surveys of the last days,the RN list (formerly FN) led by the young Jordan Bardella and closes Marine Le Pen is in the lead. The distance, that s, within the error margins: 2 / 2.5%

This is the main battle that will have a national reading. Macron seeks a victory that validates with votes his response to the crisis of the 'yellow vests', the biggest that France has lived since May 68, concludes Iaki Gil.


Some64.9 million voters are called to the polls in Germany, the country with the highest demographic weight in the EU. This is a record number of voters due in part to the increase in community residents with voting rights: they are around 3.9 million, almost one million more than five years ago. The European elections in Germany coincide with regional of the state of Bremen and municipal elections in nine of the 16 federated states, reports from BerlinCarmen Valero.


From Rome,Soraya Melguizoinform that51 million Italians are called to the polls in Italy. In addition to the European ones, regional elections are held in Piedmont and to renew the governments of more than 3,700 municipalities. The Italian polling stations will remain open until 23 hours.


Marine Le Pen has shared his vote from his Twitter account. The leader of the French far right has cast his vote in Hnin-Beaumont, in the north of the country.

Yesterday, our correspondent in Paris, Iaki Gil, publishedthis interview with Jordan Boadella, of 23 years, and head of list of National Regroup, that according to the last surveys, will win to the affines to the present president of France. "We have to stop Macron, he thinks he knows everything but he does not solve anything," warns Boadella.


Radiograph of the main European political families whose results lay the foundations for eventual coalitions to forge majorities in the bloc.

European People's Party (PPE), member parties: CDU and CSU in Germany, Popular Party (Spain), Republicans (France), Forza Italia (Italy), Fidesz (Hungra), New Democracy (Greece), etc.

European Socialist Party (PSE), member parties: SPD (Germany), PSOE (Spain), PS (France), Labor Party (United Kingdom), Democratic Party (Italy), Labor Party (Netherlands), etc.

Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (ACRE), member parties: Conservative Party (United Kingdom), Law and Justice (Poland), Democratic Civic Party (Czech Republic), etc.

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), member parties: FDP (Germany), Citizens (Spain), Open VLD (Belgium), Popular Party for Freedom and Democracy (Netherlands), etc.

European Green Party, member parties: Bndnis 90 / Die Grnen (Germany), Green Party (United Kingdom), Union of the Lithuanian Peasants and Greens (Lithuania), etc.

Party of the European Left, member parties: The Left (Germany), Syriza (Greece), Izquierda Unida (Spain), Left Bloc (Portugal), etc.

Europe of Nations and Freedoms Movement, member parties: Agrupacin Nacional (France), Liga (Italy), FP (Austria), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), etc.


What is decided today in the European polls will have a strong impact on German internal politics. The big companies are urging the mobilization to stop the rise of the far right, represented in the country by Alternative for Germany. It counts here Carmen Valero, from Berln.


Somedata on election daythat contributes from Brussels Pablo R. Suanzes: although the triple electoral day is concentrated today in Spain, in Europe, with 426 million people called to the polls, things are different. The Netherlands and the UK voted last Thursday to elect the 751 MEPs who will represent us in Strasbourg. The Irish did it on Friday; and yesterday, Latvians, Maltese and Slovaks. Today we will do the rest, 22 passes. The last electoral college to close its doors in Italy at 23.00, Peninsular time.


With this election day, in which 28 ballots are called to the polls,Europe hopes to put a dam on the populist tide, explains the EL MUNDO correspondent in Brussels,Pablo R. Suanzes, in this electoral preview.


The European Union has been taking the pulse of its citizens since last Thursday, but to bethis Sunday at 11.00 pm when you start to know the resultsof some European crucial for the future of Europe. At that time schools will close in Italy, the last of the 28 community countries that are called to vote in elections to the largest parliament in the world. Here: the most important elections of the European Union, step by step.

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