the European Union granted Ukraine the status of a candidate and Zelensky celebrated it as “a historic moment”

The Russian government is evaluating among its options to interrupt the electricity supply to Lithuania in retaliation for the Lithuanian decision to block the passage of some products to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad as part of the sanctions applied by the EU to Moscow due to the war in Ukraine .

The president of the international affairs commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Leonid Slutsky, warned the Interfax agency “In addition to other measures, such as limiting the transit of Lithuanian truckers, we will consider the possibility of interrupting the circuit for the provision of electricity ” to Lithuania, Slutsky told the Rossiya 24 broadcaster.

The European Commission, meanwhile, denied that the blockade denounced by Russia exists.

The body declared that the controls that Lithuania is carrying out on goods entering and leaving the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad “are not a blockade” on Russian exports, but rather “specific” and “proportionate” inspections.