The European Union proposes to open accession negotiations with Albania and Macedonia


The Commission has proposed to the Member States to open negotiations for the accession of Albania and Macedonia. A decision that is based on “progress made by these two countries”.
Will two new Balkan countries come to broaden the European Union (EU)? The European Commission has proposed, Tuesday, April 17, to the member states of the Union to open negotiations for a membership of the Albania and some Fruit salad , said the representative of the diplomacy European, Federica Mogherini.
“The decision is based on an assessment of progress made by these two countries on the recommendations made in 2016 and a review of the measures implemented by Tirana and Skopje” explained M me Mogherini during a press conference at Strasbourg where the European Parliament is meeting in plenary session.
“This decision is a message of encouragement to these countries of continue reforms she pleaded. It will be up to the twenty-eight EU Member States to assess the progress made and take a decision ” , concluded the representative.
“There is still reluctance in the Member States to accept new members » nevertheless acknowledged Austrian Commissioner Johannes Hahn, who is responsible for policy European integration. “In my country, the Austria , the majority of population is against ” , he said. And explain:
” We must explain the benefits of enlargement and integration of the Western Balkan countries ”
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Barriers to the normalization of relations
The EU has started accession talks with the Serbia beginning of 2014 and with the Montenegro in 2012. The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, estimated in November 2017 that these two countries would be members of the European Union. “Before 2025” .
But serious problems still block the normalization of relations between Serbia and the Kosovo , its former province whose unilateral declaration of independence is not recognized by five EU member states: the Spain , the Greece , Cyprus , the Slovakia and the Romania .
Two other countries of the former Yugoslavia are concerned by the prospect of EU accession: the Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. “Progress is still needed” for these two countries, said Federica Mogherini.
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A European summit with the countries of the Western Balkans is scheduled for 17 May in Sofia. For help These countries, the European Commission has developed a politico-economic strategy with targeted funding.
Six initiatives are identified: security and migration, reconciliation, rule of law, transport network and energy, digital as well as good neighborly relationships.


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