The evaluation of the impact of Brexit ? A white page

The evaluation of the impact of Brexit ? A white page


title : “The Uk finally publishes details of secret reports on the Brexit.”, And below, nothing. A white page. The journal of the scottish The National quips in one of its edition of Thursday, December 7, on the imbroglio surrounding the publication of impact studies related to the Brexit, claimed for several weeks by members of the british.

Asked Wednesday by a parliamentary committee transpartisane, the minister responsible for the output of the european Union, David Davis, has finally recognized that no detailed report on the effects of Brexit on the economy of the country did not exist. A confession is in total contradiction with its earlier statements, when he provided that 58 studies, “detailed” were in the hands of the government.

The newspaper, a supporter of the independence of Scotland, provides support to London : “What will be the impact of Brexit ? Help the british government by writing or drawing in this space”, one can read in the page footer.

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