Home World The ex-Autolib 'were torn off during a flash sale

The ex-Autolib 'were torn off during a flash sale

The boisterous announcements of the Fratellini Circus cover the hubbub and traffic noise this Saturday afternoon. A constant crowd is waiting in front of the gates. In the car park of a hypermarket in Romorantin (Loir-et-Cher), the queue for buy the ex-Autolib 'These car-sharing vehicles, which circulated in Paris until July 31, did not decrease throughout the day, up to two hundred people in the middle of the morning. The first 50, from 10 am, were entitled to an appeal price of 3700 €. But no one left with his vehicle: all will have to come back another day.

Isabelle and Christian came from Paris. "We heard this on the radio this morning, and as it has been months that we discuss the purchase of an electric car, we have dark," says Christian, senior executive living in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine) , tired of repeated disturbances on line C of the RER and the Transilien.

"In Paris, electricity is easy"

Isabelle flashe for a refurbished Autolib ', body white cream. "We'll have to come back to choose the exact color, but at this price, less than 5000 €, we are delighted," said his spouse. "In Paris, electric is easy. Farewell the puzzle, "says Isabelle, who also thinks of the eldest of their children, who has just had the license.

Isabelle is testing one of the old Autolib './ LP

Many customers of this electric car came from the region, attracted by this alternative to the rising price of fuel. Tours, Blois, Vierzon, Châteauroux, even Angers, like Joëlle: "I was thinking about an electric bike for my daily trips. At this price, the choice is quickly made, "rejoices this young retiree.

"I do not see myself returning to Paris at 50 km / h"

"I'm only half an hour away, I'll be able to leave with when it's available. I'll connect it to my home, "says Veronique, who lives in Blois. This is another story for those who came from afar, like Jahan, living near Marseille, or Jose, a Parisian merchant, leaning on his laptop to compare prices. "5500 € the Bluecar on the Central, here we are at 3700, it's a business," convinces the businessman. Before calculating: "It will probably have to come back with a flatbed truck, because I do not know if there are enough charging stations on the way," he wondered. "We have terminals throughout the department. And then you'll get on the highway, "he slips a Romorantin resident, taken aback by this queue.

The former Autolib './ AFP / Guillaume Souvant

"I do not see myself returning to Paris at 50 km / h," retorts the businessman. It will undoubtedly be a flatbed truck, like Isabelle and Christian, who have already reserved the vehicle at the hypermarket.

100,000 km on the meter

Many customers ask sellers questions about the condition of the car. Scratches on doors and wings are common, but the interior is clean. "They are not perfect, but we worked on it," argues David Hagège, an entrepreneur who participated in the recovery of 3500 ex-Autolib ', and creator of the site adieulessence.com. They drove an average of 100,000 km, the electric motor does not require maintenance, and the life of the battery is 400,000 km, "he argues.

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The sale continues this Sunday but at prices between 4500 € and 4700 €. A total of 3,500 Autolib 'were repatriated from Paris to Romorantin during the dismantling of the service in the Paris region.


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