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Photo: Alexander Rekun / Global Look Press

Photo: Alexander Rekun / Global Look Press

The Ukrainian authorities are afraid of the return of Donbass under their control. Such an opinion on the air of the channel “OUR” was expressed by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Evgeny Muraev. A fragment of the recording was published on Muraev’s YouTube page.

According to Muraev, the fear of the Kiev authorities lies in the fact that if self-proclaimed republics return to control, Kiev will have to pay residents pensions, look for reserves to restore territories, and also figure out who is really a “hero” and who is a “criminal” after why initiate criminal proceedings against the latter.

“They are scared to do it. They will never do this in their life. Then you will have to answer for so many things, ”Muraev said.

Gryzlov announced the dialogue between Kiev and Donbass under the law on special status

Boris Gryzlov

Earlier, economists at the Vienna Institute for Economic Research (WIIW) estimated the restoration of Donbass at $ 21.7 billion. According to experts, such an amount is equivalent to 16% of Ukraine’s GDP for 2018, or 40% of the annual Ukrainian budget revenues, so Ukraine will not be able to restore Donbass alone .



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