the exceptional premium for Ehpad employees is looming

Edouard Philippe will unveil the details of the first phase of deconfinement this Thursday afternoon. During his speech, the Prime Minister should announce the payment of an exceptional bonus to Ehpad staff, according to information from France Info.

On April 15, Minister of Health and Solidarity Olivier Véran promised that a bonus would be “very quickly discussed then attributed in all the medico-social sector and in particular the EHPAD ” In parallel, the Prime Minister had assured to have started the discussions with the local communities and the departments on the conditions of financing of this premium for the personnel of the sector of the old age, in front line since the beginning of the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

A bonus of 500 to 1,500 euros for staff in nursing homes

While waiting for the government to detail the terms of the bonus, the association of directors of retirement homes AD-PA on Wednesday invited the directors of Ehpad to pay as early as May a bonus of 500 euros to all members of their staff. AD-PA also calls on establishments to increase overtime hours worked during the epidemic by 50%. It would be “inconceivable” that“At the end of May hospital workers received a bonus, but not those in retirement homes”, explained Wednesday to AFP the president of the association, Pascal Champvert.

The AD-PA, which represents some 2000 establishments in France, hopes that the executive will bring, in a second step, the amount of the bonus to 1500 euros net for all staff. The financial boost “must be paid by the State, then it is free to turn to the departments” to discuss its financing. This amount corresponds to that of the premium, tax-exempt and desocialized, paid this month to hospital staff working in establishments or services hosting diseases of the new coronavirus. In parallel, the other caregivers in the regions less affected by the pandemic and those working outside the Covid unit will receive 500 euros. A bonus to which is added an increase of 50%, without taxation, overtime. The Minister of Health had also mentioned a “revaluationFor caregivers after the crisis, in addition to these premiums.

In all establishments, even those located in regions little affected by the epidemic, residents had to be confined, meals brought to them in rooms and working in fear of contamination.“, Defends the head of associations for retirement homes, who is fighting the idea of ​​a variable amount premium.



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