The exercise routine of Katie Holmes and Suri


"I feel grateful to have had her at 27, I feel we grew up together," she explained Katie Holmes in an interview for the magazine Shape. A phrase that defines the relationship you have with your daughter Suri, who is already 13 years old, and that reminds us a bit of Gilmore Girls, but in Hollywood version.

Both have lived together since Katie divorced Tom cruise and it seems that they have also become best friends. In fact it is common to see them together in events, on the street or on social networks, where the actress shares the moments they spend together. And among the latter is the Exercise routine that both do. "Sometimes I train with my daughter, depending on the day," he explained. "We have our own routines and we often agree. Although I don't like to force her to do it either exercise with me because I understand you may find it boring. "

Katie Holmes's workout routine

At 40, the actress of Dawson Grows He comments that he feels at one of his best physical moments, but he is aware that it is due to the constancy with which he works. "I make exercise four times a week, "he says." I try to vary because if I don't get bored. I like to do spinning, boxing Y yoga, and sometimes I also go to dance classes. "

Holmes admits that when he does cardio, he prefers to do it from the comfort of his house: "I have a bicycle static in my house, so I can exercise there the days I have to get up soon. I've also been boxing for a couple of years. "

"My favorite food is nachos"

As for his feeding, admit that it doesn't follow any diet. In fact, he does not hesitate to treat himself whenever he can: "I try to take nutritious food, but neither does it obsess me. If I go out to dinner outside with friends, I don't cut myself when I ask. junk food I eat it and the next day I try to eat healthier, "he confesses." My favorite food is the nachos. I also love desserts, afternoons and sweets. And sometimes I have ice cream with hot chocolate on top. "

"In many ways I think I'm quite healthy," he continues. "Normally for breakfast I make a smoothie of fruit and vegetables. I also eat a lot of salads and fish and try not to abuse carbohydrates, such as pasta or bread. "


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