Per thin the waist, exercises are important, but if you do not change your diet it is difficult to achieve the desired results. “Much of the fat that accumulates around the waist is due to an inadequate diet, both in terms of calories and in terms of food quality”, says Matteo Piran, personal trainer, owner of Box Crossfit® and creator of the individual training program Outcome Fitness Customing. “The first step to implement a change is to spend more time choosing the type of food and then, as a second step, concentrate on macronutrients and therefore on the percentage breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats”.

The rules they are always the same, at the base of a healthy diet there are: vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruit, a modest quantity of starches such as pasta and rice, and white meat. Added sugars and processed foods should be limited or completely eliminated. «This improves the quality of the fuel to be put into the body. To thin the waist and reduce fat, it is necessary to consume fewer carbohydrates, and aim for a stable protein quota of 1.1 gram for every kilo of body weight and good fats ».


“To identify the type of exercises to slim the waist, it is necessary to understand what the function of the waist muscles is, that is a muscle group that is activated in everyday life to stabilize our body when it is in motion, are isometric contractions that give stability to the spine “, says Matteo Piran.

The most effective exercises for a flat stomach and slim waist are:

– All exercises in plank and in elbow plank.
Side plank
– Star plank, that you run into support on one hand and one foot and the other two limbs raised.
Plank dinamico: side rotation plank closing inwards and then returning to the starting position.
Mountain climber

– Hollow positon hold: in the supine position, the body creates a half-moon shape and the only part that rests is the lumbar area.
– Hollow Rocks: an exercise that recalls the movement of the rocking chairs.
– Flutter Kicks: from the holding potion, small kicks are performed similar to the movement performed while swimming.

Sit up: Abmat Sit Up: a pillow is used as a support for the lumbar area, in this way the trunk works in a static way, an exercise very different from the crunch, in which the abdomen is used in a dynamic way.

“The abdominal muscles are very resistant and must be undermined with the load, an option that I do not recommend for women, or with very long shrinkage times. For example, plank held 3-4 minutes, hollow position for 2 minutes, mountain climber 50 repetitions per leg. With a low recovery time you can put the muscles in difficulty », says Matteo.

«To slim the waist, I do not recommend weighted twisting exercises like the twist performed with the stick, or the Russian twist with the kettlebell from the ground. Exercises that tone the sideways, increase muscle tone and consequently structure the waistline instead of decreasing it, which is not the goal of women who want to thin the waist ».


5 Sets consisting of:
30” Mountain Climber
20 “Rest
30” Hollow Rocks
20 “Rest
20” Side Plank Rotation Destra + 20” Side Plank Rotation Sinistra
60 ”Rest

In 12 ‘perform the greatest number of laps of the following circuit:
24” Star Plank Destra
12 Ab Mat Sit Up
24” Star Plank Sinistra
12 Tucks Up
24” Arch Hold


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