The exhibition “Radio Free Europe. Voices from Munich in the Cold War” opened on September 29th. in the Munich City Museum.

Graphic Novel: Jennifer Schaller

At the invitation of Dr. Hannah Maischein we have the exhibition “Radio Free Europe. Voices from Munich in the Cold War” spatially staged and graphically designed.

The exhibition design by UnDesignUnit combines historical image material, documents and objects from the activities of Radio Free Europe in the post-war period in Munich with the personal memories of five contemporary witnesses who, in video interviews, provide insights into their lives as employees of Radio Give Free Europe.

Specially designed graphic novels provide insights into key scenes in their biographies and show how the struggle for belonging, loyalty, love and recognition shaped their lives in post-war Munich. The graphic novels were created in the context of a student project by Prof. Sarah Dorkenwald at the Ulm University of Communication and Design.

The participatory format “My Voice from Munich” designed by UnDesignUnit invites visitors to contribute their perspective and memories of Munich during the Cold War.

The exhibition in the Einwand Gallery of the Munich City Museum is supplemented by a module in the foyer of the Jewish Museum Munich.

Radio FreeEurope. Voices from Munich during the Cold War
An exhibition by the Munich City Museum (Dr. Hannah Maischein) in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Munich (Jutta Fleckenstein)

Exhibition opening on September 29, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the Great Hall of the Munich City Museum