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The specialist conducted a test drive of two crossovers and voiced his opinion about these cars.

Domestic blogger on the YouTube channel “Energetic Sergei Nikolaev” showed a new storyline in which he compared the models of Toyota RAV 4 and Mitsubishi Outlander. The cars were subjected to a winter test drive, after which a specialist came to the conclusion that “Toyota” will appeal to those who are important to “excitement” in driving, and the “Outlander” will appeal to lovers of comfort more.

The blogger recalled that the Toyota RAV 4 and Mitsubishi Outlander are among the five most popular crossovers in Russia. The first car is offered in the country for at least 1,499,000 rubles, and the second car costs from 1,659,000 rubles. Both SUV in the initial configuration are equipped with a 2-liter motor and monodrive. At the same time, "Toyota" in the "base" is sold with manual transmission, and "Outlander" already in the standard assembly comes with a variator.

A test drive of the Mitsubishi Outlander showed that the car with the variator is comfortable to drive, and the car goes gently on rough terrain. At the same time, the specialist warned that the CVT does not like dynamic driving, which quickly reduces its resource. Speaking of Toyota RAV 4, the expert said that the suspension of this crossover has the rigidity and confidence. Big plus of the car is its good noise isolation. The SUV has a “gambling” control, a “heavy” steering wheel, and it feels “collected”, however, due to the stiff suspension, there are strong vibrations on rough terrain in the car. The expert also mentioned the fact that she has a diesel version, which the Outlander cannot boast of.

According to the expert, motorists are interested in the issue of the price of the first TO Toyota RAV 4 and Mitsubishi Outlander crossovers. The blogger said that in the case of Toyota, the cost of the first MOT is 8,000 rubles, and with Outlander it is 8,500 rubles. However, for RAV 4, routine maintenance needs to be done after 10,000 km, while the Outlander after 15,000 km.

The expert did not call the worst and best cars test drive. In his opinion, the cars are similar, and both are good average crossovers with their own characteristics, suitable for one driver or another.

Ivan Golovin




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