The Extortion Mode of Billions of Rupiah Is Revealed in the Brains of the Head of the Tamperak NGO


The head of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Shield of the People’s Struggle Anti-Corruption (Tamperak), Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan has officially occupied the Central Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters after being named a suspect in the extortion case.

Kepas was suspected of blackmailing under the guise of an NGO. Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Hengki Haryadi said the nominal amount of money that Kepas had asked for reached Rp 2.5 billion.

“At the time of the extortion, the suspect said ‘don’t let me make it like in other places’, meaning he has often been,” said Hengki when contacted, Monday (11/23/2021).

In this action, the perpetrators intimidated the police by using the names of senior police officers and state officials. Prior to his arrest, Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan had gone viral with his action of conducting an ‘inspection’ of the South Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Azis Andriansyah to the Ministry of Finance office.

The Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan action visited a number of government agencies, from the police station, BNN, to the Ministry of Finance. Kepas Panagean also posted the action on his TikTok account @kepaspanageanpan5.

South Jakarta Metro Police ‘Sidak’ Kepas Action

View On his TikTok account, Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan can be seen wearing shorts and a vest with the words ‘NGO Tamperak’ coming into Kombes Aziz’s room. At that time there was no Kombes Aziz at the location and was met by a policewoman staff.

Kepas Panagean then explained his arrival to the South Jakarta Metro Police Chief’s office. He came to express his disappointment regarding the professionalism of the police at the South Jakarta Metro Police.

“I’m from the Tamperak Anti-Corruption NGO. So tell the Chief of Police, from the Tamperak NGO, we are fighting for the anti-corruption people to question the credibility of the South Jakarta police personnel., yesterday.

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The policewoman then questioned the recording process carried out by Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan and her colleagues. However, Kepas said it was used as evidence to be submitted to the National Police Chief.

“I often go to the National Police Headquarters. I just ask the National Police Chief, the Regional Police Chief,” he said.

Kepas Panagean Pangaribuan then mentioned his report at the South Jakarta Metro Police. According to him, after a year had passed, the report had not been processed.

“I questioned the South Jakarta police professional where Mr. AKP Alfano handled what I reported. So far, there has been nothing, until one year. the response of the Chief of Police,” said Kepas Panagean.

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