The extravagant (and insane) trend of dental piercing sweeps among the famous

Rosalia, Beyonce or Madonna are some of the artists who have made it fashionable. We talked about decorating our jeweled teeth, a practice that continues to gain followers, despite the fact that dentists warn of the danger of some treatments, which, moreover, are not cheap at all.

They call them ‘dental piercings’. And they can be made of all kinds of materials, also expensive: from diamonds to gold.

The dental piercings of well-known artists

Piercing dental de Madonna |WRITING

Rosana, Rihanna, Madonna… Many artists have signed up for this trend. They can be made of rhinestones or Swarovski crystals.

The dangers of tattoos

They were popularized by rappers in the year 2000 And now they are trending again. Its price can be very high, and you have to know that it is not without risks:

“They can produce greater plaque retention, because it makes daily hygiene difficult, and can increase the risk of dental cracks or erosions of the teeth.

Most dentists advise against them and recommend other types of teeth beautification treatments, such as whitening or orthodontics.