The extreme drought in Italy has revealed another surprise in the river. And very dangerous

On July 25, Italian fishermen discovered an American-made bomb dating back to World War II in the Po River near the northern Italian village of Borgo Virgilio near the city of Mantua. The bomb was discovered by a drop in the river level due to a prolonged drought. This is reported by the Reuters agency.

The dried bed of the River Po.

| Photo: CTK/AP/Luca Bruno

By all accounts, the approximately 450 kilogram bomb appears to have rested at the bottom of Italy’s longest river Po for more than 70 years. And it would probably continue to be so, if the level of the Po had not dropped sharply as a result of several heat waves that affected many parts of Europe, including Italy, this summer.

A receding river reveals everything on the bottom

After this bomb, probably dropped by the US Air Force, emerged from the riverbed, the authorities had about three thousand people evacuated from the surrounding villages. Military experts then defused the bomb: first, they cut off its fuse to prevent it from being accidentally activated, and then transported the bomb to a quarry, about 45 kilometers away from where it was found. There they destroyed it by controlled detonation.

No one was injured and no damage was caused in this explosion, which was also caught on video.

Source: Youtube

This is not the first relic from the Second World War to emerge from the Po as a result of this year’s heat. In June, attention was drawn to the wreck of the warship barge Zibello, which was used to transport wood during the Second World War and sank in 1943. Under normal circumstances, the wreckage of this ship always remained below the surface, but due to its subsidence this year, it became part of the shore.

Extreme heat waves have hit much of the Northern Hemisphere this year. Scientists predict that such weather fluctuations will become more frequent as a result of ongoing climate change.

The bombing of ships and bridges on river courses during the Second World War resulted in the silting of riverbeds with a lot of munitions, which were difficult to dispose of after the war. The receding river flows are now exposing itSource: Wikimedia Commons, Air Historical Branch-RAF, OGL v1.0

Italy is suffering, a state of emergency was in place around the Po River

According to The Washington Post, at the end of June this year, Rome recorded its highest temperature in history to date, namely 40.5 degrees Celsius.

Rome’s Tiber River dried up so much during this year’s June heat that the ruins of an ancient bridge built during the reign of Emperor Nero (who ruled as the fifth emperor from 54 to 68 AD) were clearly visible on its bottom. Bridge ruins only appear during long periods of drought, experts told Live Science.

Mead Dam is the largest reservoir in the United States.  Due to the extreme drought, its level is at an increasingly low level.

America’s largest Mead Reservoir continues to dry up. Releases shipwrecks and human remains

Last month, Italy declared a state of emergency for the area around the Po River due to the ongoing drought. At the same time, this area provides roughly a third of the total Italian agricultural production. The region is suffering from the worst drought in about 70 years.