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The extreme right agitates the specter of the pact of Marrakech

In the multitude of claims issued by yellow vests, the migratory issue was until now relegated far in the background, almost absent. Of the forty or so requests made at the end of November following an online consultation, only three concern asylum and immigration. Yellow vests require in particular "The causes of forced migration are treated". Majority, all "People's directives" carry economic claims related to purchasing power (see previous pages). But the migratory subject has just burst into the debate, largely driven by the extreme right that benefits from a chance of the calendar.

On 10 and 11 December, Emmanuel Macron must go to Marrakech to sign with other heads of state the "Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration". A text that feeds for some weeks anger and fantasy extreme European rights. They see it as a supranational maneuver to organize the "Migratory submersion" from the continent. In Slovakia, the government announced at the end of November that it would not sign the pact. Italy reserves the right to do the same. For their part, the Belgian nationalists threaten to bring down the government if it goes. Hungary, Australia, the Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic have also frozen or canceled their participation in this agreement. Donald Trump's United States, for their part, did not even take part in the negotiations upstream.


In France, the National Gathering but also the Republicans have seized the subject. At the beginning of December, Marine Le Pen devotes to the pact a press conference full of semi-truths. Tuesday night, she publishes again a video on the subject. A few days earlier, it was Eric Ciotti (LR) who dedicated to the text an alarmist platform in Le Figaro. "This pact is a threat to our sovereignty and our identity", is indignant on his side Lydia Guirous, LR spokesman on Twitter. Ex-presidential candidates François Asselineau and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan are against. But call for a referendum on the subject.

The contempters of the pact have attempted to graft the subject to discontent yellow vests. Example among others: while a message has been circulating for several days to encourage a blockage on December 10, the far right took advantage of the collision of dates to accommodate the call to his sauce. "Yellow vests, you must block Macron on the ground on December 10!" (to prevent him from going to sign the pact in Marrakech), thus launches the site of extreme right Riposte laic.

What does the hateful text contain? Forty pages long, the "Pact for safe, orderly and regular migration", divided into twenty-three goals, was voted by the UN General Assembly in July. He describes himself as a "Non-legally binding cooperation framework" : UN texts are binding only on those who want to comply. This does not prevent the opponents of the pact from asserting that it will impose itself on the national authorities. What does it matter if, on the contrary, the document "Reaffirms the sovereign right of states to define their national migration policies and their right to manage migration within their jurisdiction."


Migration is a wealth in the eyes of its editors, and especially a fact. It is therefore a matter of framing them. The text invites the signatories to "Promote mutual respect for cultures, traditions and customs between host communities and migrants". He proposes to organize the diasporas, but focuses on "Respect for the national laws and customs of the country of destination", finding that "Fully integrated migrants contribute more to prosperity". Reciprocally, it is a question for States to guarantee access to the social rights of immigrant populations. The authors do not call for the permanent settlement of migrants in host societies, but advocate the facilitation of transfers of money and know-how, and even encourage the organization of the return of migrants to their societies of origin . The document also aims to improve knowledge of migration, on the basis of factual information and in order to "To disassemble the misleading speeches that give a negative image of migrants". A passage that bristles particularly right …

If the right and its extreme, as December 10 approaches, have managed to plant the pact at the heart of political and media debates, it would make little sense to say that the yellow jackets as a whole have made it a reality. battle horse, the characteristic of the movement being its great diversity. However, some netizens claiming yellow jackets evoke good on Facebook groups or on Twitter what "Globalist project", submission of France to the UN. Proof that the rhetoric of the far right has infused some parts of the movement.

Fabien Leboucq



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