The eye gives the Rayan a great loss


Al-Rayyan team left the AFC Champions League with a heavy defeat by Al Ain in the fourth round of the group stage yesterday evening at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium. Al Rayyan did not give him the chance to take the qualifying ticket to the final round. Al Ain through a bleak performance and a disappointing display drawing many question marks and excuses and leaving the fans of Al Rayyan floundering in his order, after he had secured himself with a historical qualification, but the knot seems to be chasing the terrible in every copy. Al-Ain started the scoring after 11 minutes through Egyptian Hussein Al-Shahat to finish the guests the first share in their favor, and in the second session Amouri returned to score the second goal after 10 minutes, and added Swedish Markus Berg the third goal of his team in the 58th minute, 12 minutes from the end. Sebastian Syria scored the only goal of Rayyan in the 86th minute to be the last goals of the terrible competition with his early departure. But the end was not a focus when Syria missed a huge chance after seven minutes on the whistle, after receiving a typical cross from Korea’s Ku Myungen, which was knocked off by Syria. By Cayo Fernandez and passed it to him to score the Chahat precedence of the eye. Tabataba responded with a steady kick on the edge of the box after 3 minutes, but Khalid Issa flew the ball and turned it into a corner, and found Sebastian Syria himself away from the control of the ball and responded Khaled Issa again miraculously d. 17. Al Ain almost doubled the lead from a counterattack led by Marcus Berg, who used the slow pace to return to the rear positions of the Rayyan defenders, but Vieira saved Berg’s danger before “centimeters” from the goal line and turned the ball into a corner. But the Moroccan Mohsen Metwally regretted the opportunity missed by the principle of “unbelievable things” when the sympathizer sympathizer with Khaled Issa, keeper of the eye, and Voet on the terrible equation cuff d. 23. Al-Rayyan returned to Al-Rayyan when Mohammed Gomaa received the ball inside the box and repaired it for himself and crossed the blind eye. Syria continued the series of missed opportunities when he raised his head to Tabataba and played the ball over the d. 40. And the pace of play in the last five minutes at the expense of the roughness that overshadowed the performance of the two teams, in contrast to forced the Croatian Zoran to take out Muhannad Salem after receiving the warning and continued roughness for fear of the completion of the game with 10 players, and paid place Mohammed Fayez, while the success of eye attempts in the penalty of Al Rayyan , And the defense of the owners of hospitality in the «combing» the area and avoid a new tap before entering the locker rooms. Different scenario The second game changed the scenario upside down, and did not take 10 minutes until Amouri Al Rayyan put in a great dilemma by signing the second goal of the eye from a direct kick tricked Omar Bari who watched the ball how to hug his net, and with the collapse of the runner in the back lines was the Swedish Marcus Berg exploits The spacing of the lines and the lack of deployment and concentration and sign the third goal after less than 3 minutes on the second goal to make it difficult task on Rayyan. Laudrup only had Al Harazzi on the bench to push the place of Jomo in the middle may have succeeded in activating the offensive ability beside Tabata, who continued to miss the easy opportunities and faced Khaled Issa and play the ball on the left but missed the goal d. 60. Poor performance The Al Rayyan strategy did not change and we did not find any reaction to the players after the earthquake of the two goals, but there were many mistakes and the laxity and frustration that dominated the reality of the team was revealed, while the eye controlled the grip on the field and roam and navigate as he pleases, and play in balance in the three lines, Berg made the difference by putting him on the quartet 12 minutes before the end. The return of Al Rayyan with the goal of Sebastian Syria 4 minutes ago, taking advantage of the cross Mohammed Juma in the penalty but was not enough to stimulate the terrible to reduce the difference, ending the eye confrontation and has achieved his goal of kidnapping the second card from Group D to the price of the final. Notebook meeting Place: Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium in Al Sadd Club Time: 16 April. Event: The last round of the group stage in the AFC Champions League. The two teams: Al Rayyan – Al Ain UAE. Result: 4-1 for the eye. First half: 1-0 for Al Ain. Objectives: D 11 Hussein Al-Shahat «Al Ain», d 55 Omar Abdul Rahman, d 58, d 78 Markus Berg. Warnings: Muhannad Salem D 14, Hussein Al Shahat 35, Rodrigo Tabata 42, Daniel Gomo 36, Gonzalo Vieira d 53. Expulsion: None. Rulers Kimura Hiroki For the yard (Japan) Yagi Akani First Assistant (Japan) Karakami Sanoshi Second Assistant (Japan) Araki Yousuke Fourth judgment (Japan). Basic configuration Omar Abdi, Mohammed Alaa, Gonzalo Vieira, Mohamed Jumaa Elaoui, Myungen Ko, Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, Daniel Gomo, d. 59 Abdel Rahman Harazi, Ahmed Yasser, Mohsen Metwally, Sebastien Syria and Rodrigo Tabata. Coach: Michael Laudrup Khaled Eissa, Amer Abdel Rahman, D 81 Ahmed Khalil, Muhannad Salem 43, Bandar Al Ahbabi, Omar Abdel Rahman, Cayo Fernandez, Markus Berg, Hussein El Shahat, 65 Rayan Yammal, Ahmed Berman Ali, Mohamed Gharib, Tsukasa Shitani. Coach: Zoran Mamic .;


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