The Fair Limit: Defining the Threshold for Human-caused Changes in the Anthropocene Era.

When we talk about anthropogenic changes, those derived from human activity, The first thing that usually comes to mind is the climate. Much has been said about the impending catastrophe that is rising temperatures, and it is even repeated over and over again that the “safe limit” is 1.5°C higher than in the pre-industrial era. This means that if the planet’s temperature exceeds this limit, the consequences can be devastating for life. However, we are not yet past that limit, and we have already started to notice these changes. In other words, many populations have seen their livelihoods affected due to climatic events derived from the rise in temperatures.

Video: Consequences of the drought in Spain

So even though we know that safe limit for ecosystems, what is the fair limit? That is, from what moment do human beings experience damage derived from these changes? When do you stop having access to the resources necessary for a dignified life? For the first time, an international team of 40 researchers has defined the concept of “fair limit”, and has modeled, quantified and incorporated into scientific analysis.

2023-05-31 18:03:56

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