The fall of the Model, the last lady of coca in Marbella

Maria Teresa’s face was a poem. He seemed to suspect that for the first time in his life he was not going to go to prison as a visitor. He was right. Used to come out intact in all police hits that in the last five years knocked down his closest environment, he could not contain his concern before the agents that she was detained in her monstrous mansion in Marbella. The Elaumar villa, located in the Valdeolletas urbanization and valued at three million euros, is an urbanization in itself. A residence more befitting of a world pop star than of a woman with no known work activity. She alleges that she is a commercial intermediary.

The investigated, during one of his trips. L. O.

Paradise offers a large fountain, two swimming pools, one of which is covered and heated.a, a lush garden with trees that hide a tennis court and a mansion with a zillion bedrooms that are divided into different branches of the family tree of the owner, mother of four children and very young grandmother. Her rooms stand out, a suite of pure luxury that houses a raised marble jacuzzi and surrounded by four columns and a large bed with a mirror on the ceiling. The house also has a panic room intended to protect against unwanted visits, which in Marbella you never know.

The search of her mansion, valued at three million euros, culminated in the discovery of a brick of cocaine that the woman, obsessed with her image, hid in her exclusive wardrobe

The investigators of the Greco Costa del Sol (Udyco-Central) did not take long to take the record to the Model’s bedroomas they have once called her because of how seriously this crossfitter with a personal trainer takes her physical appearance and her wardrobe, practically an extension of El Corte Inglés in Puerto Banús. Between stiletto heels, bags and a more cheerful than elegant wardrobe, the cops took white oil out of the closet thanks to an error that seemed unbecoming of María Teresa. There he kept a brick of cocaine adorned by the dealer with the Rolls-Royce logo. The kilo package had one of the corners chewed, so they deduced that it was a tasting for their potential clients.

Views from the prisoner’s mansion. L.O.

Born in Bucaramanga in 1973, the National Police considers her a historical figure in the sector despite the fact that her record sheet has been immaculate for decades. Not a single stain for so many years rubbing shoulders with the cream of drug trafficking He talks about his talent. “She is very smart”, confirms a researcher who estimates that she landed on the Costa del Sol in the nineties. It did not enter the police radar until 2005, year in which her then husband, the historical narco Michel Curtet, was on the rampage. Owner of Elaumar before her and investigated in the Ballena Blanca macro-case against money laundering, that year was arrested in Portugal after being surprised on a Lisbon ship with 6,100 kilos of snow recently arrived from overseas, a volume of drugs that is currently within the reach of very few. The French press wrote for years about a stash valued at 214 million euros at the time and related the titanic project to the alleged family link that his wife had in the now-defunct Colombian Norte del Valle cartel. Known in his country as the Rubio, Curtet had consequences after jumping out of a window at the Lisbon police station to try to escape. He was also nicknamed Mongolito. He served half of his 12-year sentence in Portugal and, enjoying parole in his country, was caught in his sister’s restaurant in Paris with 19 kilos of cocaine in a briefcase for which he was sentenced to another four years. .

Maria Teresa continued her life. Love ended between them, not friendship, and Curtet, now in his seventies, continued to be in and out of Elaumar until recently, as were her two other ex-husbands. One of these is Matthias, a German convicted in 2015 of introducing a stone of 200 kilos of white powder in Denmark. Although the lady was also successful in this trance, the researchers are convinced that they have worked as a team for a long time. She allegedly provided the contacts in Colombia, a country she frequently visited, and he the clients in Europe. Under this premise Operation Dryad started two years ago, as Greek mythology calls the nymph of the woods, mortal but with a life as long as that of its tree. El Greco Costa del Sol put the magnifying glass on the suspect when he learned that she had been commissioned to bring a significant amount of coca by air. The Model demonstrated during the investigations a great ease in a business dominated by men They never let him pay the bill. He always moved around in high-end rented cars and kept many work appointments in Madrid and Barcelona. The investigations revealed that he even received a good cash advance for the operation, but it was cut short due to various problems with the clients.

The investigation, however, has finished uncovering a Polish-Danish organization allegedly dedicated to transporting drugs from Spain to other parts of Europe with a balance of 16 detainees. In the province of Malaga, in addition to Marbella, the agents made arrests in Alhaurín de la Torre, Fuengirola and Malaga city, while the rest were carried out in different municipalities of Murcia, Barcelona and Alicante.