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The family of the lawyer from Ourense detained in Cuba, “desperate” before his imminent transfer to prison

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“Desperate”. This is how the family and the environment close to the lawyer and chess player from Ourense Arián González, who was arrested in Cuba last week by the Government of Díaz-Canel in Villa Clara (Santa Clara). This Monday he will be sent to La Pendiente prison, as reported by his girlfriend, Massiel. The young man settling in Ourense, was accused of a crime of contempt, punishable by up to three years in prison.

Arián’s own partner assures that since the day of his arrest, on July 12, “the Spanish embassy has not yet contacted me” and emphasizes the “desperation” of the family over the young man’s situation. So far, the information they have is that he faces a prison sentence of one to three years for “use offensive words against the President of the State in a peaceful way.” Massiel also shows the family’s caution for Arián’s “psychological health”.

The lawyer, based in Ourense and who was arrested during a demonstration, is arrested at the Camajuani Police Station (Villa Clara), awaiting his transfer to the La Pendiente penitentiary, from which various media Cubans denounce precarious hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Offense of contempt

Arián González, who has lived in Ourense since 2016, could face a prison sentence of one to three years in prison. This is indicated in article 144 of the Cuban Penal Code, which penalizes those who “threaten, slander, defame, insult, insult or in any way insult or offend, by word or in writing, in their dignity or decorum to an authority, public official , or their auxiliary agents ”.

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Arián González’s arrest

The 32-year-old young man traveled to the Caribbean island on July 7 to visit his mother who suffers from diabetes. “Due to the situation in Cuba, his illness was getting complicated,” explains Joaquín Bello, technical director of the Liceo Academia Postal, a team to which he belongs, and a friend of González. The idea was to go take care of her for fifteen days and on his return he planned to bring her to Spain, but his objective was complicated a few days after arriving on the island. During a demonstration in Villa Clara, he was arrested by two regime police officers. “One of them, who was riding a motorcycle, hit him and then two other officers went after him,” explains Bello, who is in contact with his relatives.


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