The family that followed Lionel Messi on the highway spoke: the video that was not seen and the anger of the driver

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Messi greeted a fan from his car

The madness for Lionel Messi is total, sometimes even bordering on unconsciousness. The captain of the National Team is in Argentina for the celebrations of the world champions and the avidity for him is such that the fans even star in extreme maneuversas happened Tuesday night when a family from Almagro detected the vehicle in which the Rosario left the Ezeiza property after practice with the Albiceleste and followed it for more than 10 kilometers, until they finally achieved what they will keep as a treasure. : your greeting.

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“We did not commit any infringement”

Florence Cabral He shared the video of monitoring Lionel Messi from the Ezeiza property, along the Riccheri Highway, and the greeting that the 10th of the National Team gave them when they arrived at the toll booth. Seconds passed and the content had already gone viral. The 27-year-old woman who lives in Almagro spoke with TN and recounted what they experienced: “He lowered the glass and greeted my children. I have no words of gratitude”she said, while being consulted for what could be considered imprudent, she stressed: “We never crossed lanes, we respected the speed and my husband always looked ahead,” she said about Maxi, the driver of the family vehicle.

A plan to achieve the greeting of Lionel Messi

Florencia and Maxi had decided on the plan that they carried out because of the passion they feel for the Rosario. On Tuesday they left their jobs – she is in charge of a building and he is a bus driver – they went by her house, looked for their children and went to the Ezeiza property at a time when the Argentine National Team was training.

They waited until the end, saw the players’ cars go by and detected that Lionel Messi had not left. It was a property guard who told them that “he always goes last.” When they noticed that the Rosario’s vehicle appeared, they left behind. “When we confirmed that it was him, we did not separate”he recounted and spoke of the moment in which, finally, they achieved their mission: “Arriving at the tollbooth on 25 de Mayo we began to yell at him. First he greeted us with the glass high and then rolled down the window and greeted my children. There was no one else there.”

The anger of Lionel Messi’s driver and the video that was not seen

Florencia told TN that the man who was driving the truck in which Lionel Messi was traveling was upset at their insistence for approaching 10 in the middle of the road. “The driver made maneuvers so that we did not approach. We followed him from Ezeiza to Puerto Madero and we lost him there. We wanted to look for him to ask for a photo, but we didn’t see him anymore.

Florence Cabral and Flia

They saw Messi on the highway and asked him to say hello. Video: Kindly TN

“We can’t stop watching the video”

Regarding the dream come true, once they managed to receive a greeting from Lionel Messi, Florencia said that “on the trip, my children and I did not stop watching the video, we saw it all the time, but my husband did not because he was driving.” In the filming of the moment when the man from Rosario lowers the window to say hello, it is heard when the woman asks her husband to speak, but he, who is driving, remains silent, so it was she who spoke to him: “She could only tell him ‘gThanks, Leo”.

When they returned to their home in Almagro, the emotion was still boiling, but only what they had recorded with their cell phone mattered. Maxi couldn’t believe it, she was paralyzed when she saw it: “We got home and I couldn’t stop seeing him. She repeated it over and over again.”he recalled.