The famous phrase of Messi that came to light, after the controversial victory of Brazil over Colombia

The controversy invaded the end of the match of the Colombia National Team against Brazil, when Néstor Pitana was involved in a wrong decision in the first goal of the ‘canarinha’, after the ball hit his humanity.

The Colombian defense was puzzled and the Brazilians took advantage of this to mark equality. However, he added on the scoreboard of the game that ended up winning the local.

After this, social networks were ‘flooded’ with messages against the performance of the central referee and Juan Guillermo Cuadrado shared a message along with an image where the rule and the procedure that should have been followed can be seen.

One of Cuadrado’s followers answered him and recalled a few words from Lionel Messi at the Copa América Brazil 2019, in which nothing was saved and spoke openly.

“We do not have to be part of this corruption, this lack of respect that was done throughout the cup. We were for more in the tournament, they did not let us be in the final … the corruption and the referees do not allow people to enjoy of football, of the show, “said the Barcelona star at the time. At that time a whole problem and a discussion arose, with the ‘Flea’ in the center.