22:10 13 September 2018


                            Moscow, September 13. Timur Gaidukov, 35, a member of the KVN "Gorod Pyatigorsk" team, was found to have a serious illness. In his Instagram, he wrote that he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Currently, KVNschik is in the Stavropol regional oncological dispensary. Gaidukov also appealed to all those indifferent to his grief to help with money. The artist said that he is ready to receive in Moscow for further urgent follow-up and treatment, the newspaper "Dni.Ru" reports.

September 10, 2018 I was diagnosed with acute leukemia. September 12, 2018 confirmed the acute LYMPHOBLASTIC leukemia. Now I'm in the regional Oncological dispensary in Stavropol. I am already ready to receive in Moscow for further urgent follow-up and treatment. With me now is my family, my close ones are helping as much as they can. ????! ️! ️! ️! ️! ️ We need your HELP ???????????? We will be grateful if you do not remain indifferent to my fate! I'm ready to fight, live, work, be close to my family, see how my daughter grows! ✅The number of the card 5469600025161118 (The card of my wife Olya) Money can be transferred to the number of bodies ✅89283020408 (Sberbank online) recipient Olga S. (Wife) Also opened an account in the Savings Bank number ✅42307810160096500475 PLEASE ENCOUNTER EACH of you ?????? ?? . To date, the issue of my transportation for treatment to Moscow is being decided. But not so simple ?? Now there is a risk of internal bleeding due to very low platelets. There will be either air transport or an ambulance with a team of doctors or another method that is safe for health. It will be known in the coming days. Further preobsledovanie and treatment in Moscow. Forgive me that I can not answer all the time to make calls, because I am under droppers and often sleep, I pass tests or with doctors. ➡️For calls and posts, the number of my wife Olya 89283020408 is better. She tries to be in time to respond to everyone ???????? I also listen to all voice messages in the hangar, thanks for the words of support !!! . My dear Clients! Forgive me that I will not be able to hold events in the coming months. I will try to replace good substitutes! Thanks Colleagues for helping with this question ????????. Thank you everyone for your moral support and financial and help! I'll get well! I promise!

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Recall, the KVN team "Gorod Pyatigorsk", in which Gaidukov spoke, became the champion of the Higher League in 2013.


                            Timur Rumyantsev



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