The farewell of the famous Willy Crook, the saxophonist who died at 55

Saxophonist Willy Crook, who had been hospitalized for a stroke for twenty days, died this Sunday at 55 years old. Various personalities from the world of music and journalism expressed their regret for the sad news on social media.

“Willy Darling. The 80’s? What do I think at this moment? That the best young and underground artists were not those who survived that time, but those who are no longer here: the rebels without restraint or limits, the disorderly in love, the bravest and most graceful “wrote the Indian Solari on his Twitter account.

“And now (What a memory!) I see it as a Hector defending his Troy, running, alone, armed with a foot of bass drum, alone, seven or eight little guys who had rubbed the anchored ship where we had done our grace without noticing if the Club of Powerful Substances Tasters was behind him supporting him, ”he continued.

And he closed: “So I also think that her beautiful body did not want to participate in that future of unfair appearances. Because he wasn’t good for an old man either. I repeat … honey. Indian”. The text was accompanied by a photo of his friend in youth on stage.

It should be remembered that before founding Los Funky Torinos, the saxophonist, guitarist, singer and composer played for years with Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota.

Two weeks ago, Solari had used his Instagram account to send forces to Crook. “Bravo little boy … daaaale … Let’s go!” He wrote next to a photo of both.

More goodbyes

In addition to Indio, the other leader of the Redondos, Skay Beilinson, publicly said goodbye to Willy Crook: “It is with deep sorrow that we announce the departure of a great friend who is very dear to us. Have a good trip dear friend Willy Crook “, posted on Twitter.

Dante Spinetta, Erica García, Clemente Cancela and hundreds of fans also left their messages on social networks. “Goodbye ambassador of good taste, dear Willy Crook”Garcia wrote.

A sparkling career

Willy Crook was his stage name 40 years ago, but his document included Eduardo Guillermo Pantano. He was born on August 28, 1965 and grew up in Villa Gesell.

His entry into the local rock scene was brilliant: saxophonist from Memphis la Blusera and, later, Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota, a position he earned for his overflowing enthusiasm and his ability to join the rounds of Fernet, as well as his by then rudimentary musical knowledge.

He was sponsored by the band and with them he gained experience live and on recordings of now legendary albums, such as Gulp! and October. He entered at 18 and left at 22.

From there, Willy began a unique path in local rock, transforming from occasional saxophonist to bandleader, a process that took a decade from him. First it went through the Riff de Pappo with Jaf, the last stage of Los Abuelos de la Nada and even an independent album by Mimilocos.

Before the turn of the decade, Willy Crook headed to Spain and pioneered a litter of Argentine musicians who tried their luck in the Motherland.

There he joined Lions in Love, with Daniel Melingo, Stefanie Ringes and Guillermo Piccolini, a cult band that managed to unite acid-jazz with the world of rock. According to Willy, “Melingo was the one who opened the cage for me.”

Of course, the exile also had hard times, where Willy was encouraged to become a plumber, a floor setter, and even cleaned a morgue.