“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Krzysztof and Bogusia are after their engagement? New reports indicate this

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More and more emotions appear in the “Farmer Looking for a Wife” program. The stays of female and male candidates in the houses of farmers and female farmers are gaining momentum, and some of them had to come to terms with their defeat and left their farms. For Krzysztof, the situation cleared up quite quickly. Bogusia immediately caught his eye. Now there are more and more reports that the couple developed a relationship after the program and are engaged!

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“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Krzysztof and Bogusia are after their engagement? New reports indicate this

Three ladies visited Krzysztof’s farm: Bogusia, Swietłana and Kasia. It quickly turned out, however, that the last two were not of interest to the farmer. He devoted a lot of time to Bogusia. Now it turns out that in recent fan reports that Krzysztof and Bogusia have joined love – there is a grain of truth. Telemagazyn reports that the participants are probably planning a wedding.

Krzysztof was so infatuated with Bogusia that he even started introducing her to his neighbors. The pace of this relationship is so fast that – as rumors have it – Krzysztof and Bogusia are already engaged and are planning a wedding. The ceremony would take place this year! – reports the portal.

The relationship between Krzysztof and Bogusia developed rapidly. The farmer was taking the candidate for walks to the lake, while the other ladies were alone at home. In just three days it became clear who the host had fallen in love with. In the last episode, he sent Svetlana away, honestly admitting that he feels nothing for her and that there is no chemistry between them. Kasia decided to withdraw herself. She felt badly treated. In her opinion, Krzysztof knew who he would choose from the very beginning, but he did not have the courage to say it directly, but he deceived everyone. The unannounced date of Bogusia and Krzysztof was overwhelmed by bitterness.

I hold a grudge against Krzysztof that he clearly did not want to meet us. We emphasized that each had its own chance, but he did not want to take advantage of them. Bogusia took over him. When she said “let’s go for a walk”, he was going for a walk, he didn’t say “I can’t, I have three of you.” You can see what’s going on. Those yesterday’s dates, hugs, introducing neighbors. Zero willingness to cooperate with us – said Kasia in front of the cameras.

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The woman left the farm, clearly embittered. In the next episode, we will find out how the relationship between Bogusia and Krzysztof develops, and after the program – whether the reports turn out to be true.