Technology The fashion of knowing what you eat

The fashion of knowing what you eat


In the field ofnutrition, the ‘realfooding‘has become the latest fad to help society change theconsumption habitsFor healthier ones. This translates into removing ultraprocessed products from our refrigerator. Carlos Ríos has been the creator of this movement whose philosophy is based on eating the food “our grandmothers made”.

The practice seems simple, but at the moment of truth, when we have to put the products in the shopping cart, we tend to include many processed foods. Working life makes it difficult for us to take time to cook daily, but it is possiblecombine healthy eating with work. That is why when we are going to make the purchase we can not throw like crazy to the precooked dishes. The more natural the products, the healthier. That combined with exercise, the best formula to carry abalance diet.

The nutritionistCarlos RiosIt estimates that approximately 80% of the products that we can find in a supermarket are ultraprocessed. To combat bad habits has launched amobile application, MyRealFood, which allows you to scan the food barcode and returns nutritional information with a label that tells you if it is “Real food”, “Good processing” or “Ultraprocessed”. The consumers, smartphone in hand, will be able to scan the products in the supermarket itself to know which ones they should not include in their shopping cart.

But it is not the only mobile application. Another one with similar characteristics isYuka, with which they can scan food that scores from 1 to 100 according to the presence of additives and tells them if it is excellent, good mediocre or bad. With this tool they can also scan cosmetic products in which they will be pointed out the presence of additives in creams, shampoos and other products. If a product or food does not consider it good, recommendations will appear with similar ones that have a better score.

Yuka or MyRealFood help us fill the shopping cart, but now do we know how to combine food properly? Are we eating the ideal proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats? There is also an application for this:Yazio. In their profile, they can add the weight and purpose they have, and it will set a daily goal for calories and carbohydrates, proteins and fats that they should eat at each meal. In this way they can contemplate the calories they are eating throughout the day and compensate in case of excess.

Technology increasingly makes our lives easier. But do not forget that, although eating healthy is essential, if we add to the equation the practice of sport, we will find the right balance to bring ahealthy life style.



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