The fashion of Mohamed Salah's lantern invades his hometown of Gharbia

The fashion of Mohamed Salah's lantern invades his hometown of Gharbia

The lantern of Mohamed Salah, the player of the team and the Liverpool team, in various forms to a great fashion among children in the province of Gharbia in general and the village «Najrig» the birthplace of the player in particular.
Where the children rushed in the village of the player to buy the new lantern, which bears the features of the player and the number of shirt and team, and the expression of his face with a password after scoring every goal, and the new here that the lantern does not have a special song for Ramadan as we used, but carries a song for the ball is the song of the artist Hamada Hilal « world Cup”.
The children in the village were very happy to buy this lantern, which embodies a personality that everyone loves and wants to become like in the future.
The children said that in recent years they were buying a lantern that embodies characters such as Crombo, Ahmed Makki and former coach Hassan Shehata.
Where Salah was not the only player who has been designed lantern Ramadan in his image, and said all these characters like them and feel close to them and linked to it and are keen to buy those lanterns.
Abdul Rahman Abdul Karim, the owner of a lantern shop, said children in the village of Najrij, the birthplace of Mohammed Salah, were rushing to buy the lantern, which has an incarnation.
Shop sales have seen a lot of popularity over the past few days as lanterns are on the market. Children consider lanterns to be a source of joy for each other because it embodies a favorite figure for them all.

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