The ‘fat-burning’ tea that helps lose weight and eliminate retained fluids

Losing weight and maintaining a figure with which everyone feels good is one of the biggest obsessions of people; however, there are those who try different methods to reach a specific size, improve their health and look good, but do not achieve the results.

Sport and food are key when it comes to achieving this and, in general, every time a new year begins this is the purpose of many; however, as the months go by and seeing that no progress has been made, they give up and return to the habits of the past.

However, it must be borne in mind that you must first take into account that neither teas nor other drinks work miracles for weight loss. What happens is that some herbs and spices have properties that increase metabolism and work as a boost for the body when it comes to burning fat stores.

  • When it comes to teas that burn fat, especially localized fat, olive leaves cannot be left out.
  • It is recommended to consume up to four cups of this tea, prepared on the day of your choice. It goes very well with the pineapple peel or some mint leaves.

Other drinks that serve to eliminate fluid retention and fat:

  • With a lack of rest, the body becomes more sensitive to diseases and the risk of obesity increases. That is why chamomile is recommended, since it is good for relaxing and fighting insomnia.
  • A small study that looked at the effect of consuming 150 milliliters of chamomile three times a day after meals in patients with type 2 diabetes may aid in weight loss.
  • “Although it has a slight metabolic (thermogenic) effect, it’s more about balancing blood sugar and insulin resistance, which in turn helps with weight loss and can decrease food cravings,” explains nutritionist Helen. Bond to The Sun.
  • An infusion of cinnamon after dinner could be the ideal solution.

Jamaica or tamarind water

  • In addition to being a diuretic, it is an activator of the nervous system, that is, it activates the brain, which is a key organ for burning fat.
  • Green tea can be a great ally to lose weight, thanks to theine, which is nothing more than the caffeine that this plant contains and considered an excellent fat burner, thanks to its thermogenic effect, according to the portal GastroLabWeb.

ginger tea with licorice

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