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To the anxiety to find a treatment against Covid-19 is added the informational urgency to give this news. A man from the State of Arizona (USA) confused the name of a drug to treat malaria, chloroquine, with the name of a product used to clean aquariums that contains chlorine.

The drug was mentioned in a television program as one of the antivirals capable of acting against some viruses, although its efficacy against the coronavirus is still in question. “Hey, isn’t that what they’re talking about on TV?” The man said to his wife as he pointed to a product on a shelf. The literal quote is not from him, but from his wife, in an account of the events on NBC. Her husband died after ingesting the chemical.

“We were afraid of getting sick,” she said, referring to the Covid-19 pandemic that is already hitting the United States. He also consumed the product, which they used to deworm the water from an ornamental pond with tents, and which they dissolved in soda. Half an hour after the intake, the couple began to feel effects such as dizziness and vomiting, which forced them to be taken to the emergency room. There the man died. Lwoman became critically ill, according to a release from his hospital, although he is recovering satisfactorily. The medical center has not revealed the names or the exact age of the couple, who is around 60 years old.

The company that owns the hospital where the couple was admitted has published a statement warning of the risk. “Given the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we understand that people are looking for ways to prevent or treat the virus, but self-medication is not the way,” says the medical director of the Banner Hospital’s Poison Information Information Center, where the couple entered. , in his statement. “The last thing we want right now is for the emergencies to be inundated with patients who believe they have found a risky and diffuse solution that could put their health at risk,” the text adds.



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