The fate of the police who asked for Rp600 thousand in money when traveling ticket on the Bocimi toll road, transferred to the point where they were punished

A screenshot of the uploaded TikTok video narrating that a police officer ticketed a travel driver at the Sukabumi toll exit and asked for IDR 600,000. (Source:

Writer : Tito Dirhantoro | Editor : Desy Afrianti

BOGOR, KOMPAS.TV – EF, a police officer who asked for Rp600 thousand in cash when he ticketed the driver of a travel car at the exit of the Ciawi-Sukabumi or Bocimi toll road, West Java, had a long tail.

In the aftermath of the viral case, the police officer who served at the Cijeruk Police was then questioned by the West Java Police’s Profession and Security Division (Bid Propam).

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Bogor Police Chief AKBP Iman Imanuddin confirmed the investigation by the West Java Police Propam against the member with the initials EF.

“And everything has been checked by the Bogor Police Propam and the West Java Police Propam Bid,” Iman told reporters, Thursday (29/9/2022).

Not only that, said Iman, EF has also received a number of sanctions due to his act of receiving “peace money” from the driver of the car he was ticketed for.

“The person concerned has now been transferred, demotion, and law enforcement is also carried out for discipline and code of ethics,” said Iman.

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Furthermore, Iman explained that the traffic ticket incident which became a discussion on social media occurred on Monday (26/9/2022).

Iwan then explained about the request for peace money of Rp 600 thousand which was received by EF.

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Iwan said that initially the driver who was ticketed offered some money, but EF refused. However, in the end EF was tempted too

“Indeed what happens is when the driver commits a traffic violation, then when he wants to do a fine, the driver asks for ‘peace’ in a negative sign,” said Iman.

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“Then it was rejected as well. Then with the reason that it was a trial, EF finally received the money.”

Meanwhile, Head of the Public Relations Section (Kasi Humas) of the Bogor Resort Police, Iptu Desi Triana, said that based on the information he received, the incident began when a travel driver violated traffic regulations on the Ciawi-Sukabumi Toll Road.