the father of a candidate denigrates the profession of cook… Philippe Etchebest is stepping up to the plate!

As usual, for some time, Philippe Etchebest has met a new candidate who has come to try to prove himself to try to win a place alongside the chef in the competition. Top chef on M6. Before meeting Aymeric, Etchebest made the brief acquaintance of his father, Patrick, and his sister, Mélanie, who had come to support him. The head of Kitchen nightmare always take advantage of this moment to know a little more about the background of the participant and he certainly did not expect Patrick’s answers …

“I wasn’t expecting a job like this one”

Aymeric’s father did not go through four paths and announced the color by explaining that seeing his son a cook is not really what he wanted for him. He declared “The fact that he wants to become a cook I did not expect a job like this”. Surprised by these words, Philippe Etchebest frowns and retorts “What’s wrong with the cooks?” What did you expect ? Patrick, taken at his own game, admits that he does not know what he really expected but in any case not of that. And then, he finally spits it out and says “Let’s say having your own business is good too”. Etchebest is not the only one to be annoyed since Mélanie, Patrick’s daughter, did not hide it either… We understand that the father of the family wanted his son to follow his example and that of his ancestors since he said “I was self-employed for almost eighteen years and now it’s my eldest son who has taken over.” Faced with a Philippe Etchebest still as speechless as he had just heard, Aymeric’s father tried to calm things down by throwing: “I think he has time to see it coming. Not everyone is made for this. That he does a job he loves, that’s fine with me. I have never imposed anything on my children for their future profession. It takes ambition. If you don’t have ambition, you won’t get anywhere ”.

Kahina Boudjidj