The solar observatory in New Mexico was temporarily closed without explanation of the reasons on the morning of September 6, the FBI staff is working on the site, but the authorities have not yet told about the reasons for their visit and the suspension of the institution, reports The Washington Post.

The first about the closure of the observatory was told by the local newspaper Alamogordo Daily News, the Association for Astronomical Research (AURA) said that the complex was closed due to "precautions", but did not explain what they caused.

According to the sheriff of the Otero district, FBI staff came to the observatory and asked the police to help with evacuation of the personnel. "We arrived and everything was fine. There was no threat, "he said. According to him, FBI agents did not tell the police about the purpose of their visit.

Sheriff stressed that the staff of the observatory are not civil servants and therefore, in case of threat to their lives, the FBI would most likely transfer the case to the police. "I do not know why the FBI used it so quickly and they do not tell us anything," he added. In the local government, the FBI did not respond to the requests of the publication.

The situation was interested in the office of Republican Congressman Steve Pearce, his request to the FBI said that they came to the observatory "within the current investigation", without specifying details, reports The Washington Post.

As noted by the publication of Vice, the lack of clarification from the authorities and law enforcement agencies about the closure of the observatory led to the fact that in the media and social networks began to build their own versions, including a cataclysm on the Sun, breaking into foreign spy agencies and the fall of a UFO.

The Solar Observatory in New Mexico is administered by the National Solar Observatory (NSO) and the State University of the State, while visitors have access to telescopes.


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