Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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The FDSEA wants to “create value”


AGRICULTURE. The FDSEA takes advantage of his presence to Honey Green, to make a point about his participation in the “States-general of the Food” desired by the government and animated by the department of Agriculture.

Frederic Vienna, the president of the agricultural union at The Meeting, is delighted to have been able to take advantage of this forum to put forward proposals and claims. These revolve around two axes : to create value and better manage the distribution of the fruits of this valuation. “The people, the citizens, the consumers are increasingly demanding authentic products, quality products,” he says. They are demanding and it is normal. Customers are willing to pay a little more for quality products. However, it is a good measure to rising imports of products of lesser quality”.

Frédéric Vienna calls for a mutualisation of the means of production and distribution. “We also need to better share this value between producers and processors, but also between producers and distributors. It is not normal for the products sold by farmers in reunion island are sold 4 or 5 times more expensive in large areas of the island. If there is creation of value, the wealth that it produces must be better shared.”

Frédéric Vienna would also like to see the State and its services represented here, are more vigilant on the imports from the countries of the area. “There are only 1% of containers inbound that are controlled. This does not comply with the health standards imposed on us. And this competition we disadvantage”.

For the FDSEA and its president, there is still much to be done for the development of agriculture in reunion island, on condition that they take account of its specificities. “Next week, I participate in a meeting of inter-dom to the FNSEA. This will be the opportunity to share our similarities and those characteristics of each country precisely”. And Frédéric Vienna bet now on the grand rendez-vous “Sitting Overseas” in order to hear once again the voice of the union. “Our proposals, our analyses will not be drowned out in the national discourse,” he said.

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