the fear of being without a cell phone or WhatsApp

The worldwide fall of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram highlighted the relevance of social networks in recent years. At the same time, there was an exponential growth in the use of cell phones and other devices, to the point that they became a kind of extension of the human body. However, excessive and non-rational use can cause problems of dependency, addiction and fear.

The nomophobia is an acronym for the words non-mobile-phone-phobia and It is how the extreme fear or anxiety that a person suffers when they remain for a period of time without being able to use their smartphone or connect to the internet is known. Either because it is not within reach, the battery has run out, the data plan runs out or the inability to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

What are your causes? It can be produced by an absolute dependence on others, since the cell phone is a way of being connected. In these cases, it would be released from a self-esteem and relationship problem.

The idea of ​​perfectionism is another reason why these cases appear, since in these people there is a need to do everything without failure.

For example, a nomophobic behavior would be that of a person who forgot his phone at home when going out and, upon realizing it, begins to feel overwhelmed, afraid or paralyzed. If the reason is that you cannot instantly communicate with others or do not know if someone is trying to communicate with him or her, you will need to analyze whether it is a behavior related to nomophobia.

Tips to combat it?

Leave only essential functions on the phone, uninstalling social network applications and others that are not necessary for work, study or interpersonal relationships.

Implement limited hours of use and, if possible, not have it all the time on top or next to it. Turn it off overnight and leave it in another room, away from the bed. Use only one device. Commit to turning it off at the table, in social or family gatherings.