The March wages due for short-time work or applications for this are secured. However, employees may be paid late. However, it should only take a few days.

Boris Zürcher of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) said that on Tuesday afternoon in Bern. His directorate for work currently has around 400,000 applications for short-time work. They provided almost 27,000 companies. This means that short-time working is factual or requested for eight percent of employees in Switzerland.

Short-time work is distributed regionally and differently according to industries. In Ticino, 28 percent of businesses are affected. And in the hospitality industry, third-party gel companies have applied for or have applied for short-time work.

Short-time work allowances are paid to employers, who transfer them to the insured. There may be delays in payments here and there, as Zürcher explained. The employment offices would currently have to pay off a whole mountain of applications.

Sufficient money is available for the services of the regional employment centers (RAV), said Zürcher. The liquidity of unemployment insurance (ALV) was assured.

The finance delegation of the Federal Councils had only spoken on Monday for CHF 6 billion for the ALV. The fiscal liquidity of the ALV amounts to CHF 14 billion, which will be enough for the next few months. (sda)

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